Configuration Script v0.722 does not report a network zone [RESOLVED]

OS: Windows XP SP3
CFP v3.0.25.378
Configuration Script 0.722

Problem description: A network zone is not being reported by the Configuration Script

I got the Configuration Script from here.

I click on “Add” and select “A New Network Zone”.
I give the name “Test1” to this zone.
I add the following single IP address to this zone:
Now when I look at what is in MY NETWORK ZONES, “Test1” shows up fine.
So far so good.
Now I run the configuration script.
It shows other network zones, but it does not show the zone “Test1” that I had just created.
Next, I reboot the machine.
Now when I look at what is in MY NETWORK ZONES, “Test1” has disappeared into the big blue sky.

I repeated the above process with other publicly accessible IP addresses like and

“Test1” was never showing up when I ran the configuration script. Besides “Test1” kept disappearing into the ether after a reboot.

The Config Reporting Script is a fairly straightforward creature. It just reads what is in the Windows registry. It doesn’t do any editing, or make any changes to the registry.

There have been reports that the recent CFP update has a bug, in that network zones don’t “stick”. If you’re running CFP 3.0.25.x (I think it is 25.x, and not a specific .25), then changing back to an earlier 3.0.24.x should have the network zone properly staying registered. And then the script should report it, as it really is there.

I followed your suggestion and installed CFP v3.0.24. The config script reports all network zones fine now. Thank you. I had also opened a bug report on the assumption that the development team monitors that thread.

Yes, They do monitor the thread. Thanks for putting the bug report in.

I would also like to point out FileHippo. It has the latest & greatest software there, and also keeps the old versions. If you go to the firewall section you will see CFP 3. So any problems with latest version that didn’t happen in last version, you can always go back :slight_smile:

I will close this one. PM me or any online mod if you need this topic reopened.