Configuration (rules) files

Where are the user configuration files for C3? I want to include them in my backup set.


There was a very similar question asked recently in this topic, so I’ll just quote my own answer.


If you want to script it use a command line like this:

reg export “HKLM\System\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro” c:\backups\comodo\cfp.reg

Put it in the “Before backup” stuff and there you go (:WIN)

Thanks folks. Is the registry key export the exact same as the configuration export from within Comodo? If not, do you know which would be more complete?

As far as i know this should do the job, i’ve restored my policy’s several times this way and with me it works fine.

It’s the same method as CFP 3 uses, except that the import/export manager is supposed to be easier to use for normal home users.