Configuration question

I just have a quick question.
My computer is set up to control everything manually, especially updates. I do not like ANY software going out from my PC unless I specifically request it.
This includes Comodo Internet Security.
However, despite my having configured Comodo to behave like this, It insists in connecting to the outside and the IP addresses it connects to are variable: If I block one, it connects to another! To make matters worse, some of those IP addresses correspond to servers geograpphically VERY close to me (I am talking a few miles!).
Anyoe has experienced this?
Is there an explanation?
The process doing the connection is cmdagent and, in my machines, the process ID is 1168.

Hi molestus. I’m afraid you’ll have to be a little more specific about which applications are connecting and which you wish to stop. It would probably help if you could provide some screen shots of the connections and your Application rules.

The PID is unique to your computer.

When updating the AV database cmdagent will connect to various Comodo update servers to see which one can serve.

In order to have full control you will need to put the Firewall to Paranoid Mode.