Configuration question

Is there a workaround to get CPF to allow Windows Defender to update?

Which version do you use? BETA?


The Application Window tells me that it is v I have tried the updater and it shows there are no updates available. How did you get up to :-\

Download it from here

but remember to uninstall first your current version :wink:

Does this version allow Windows Defender to update automatically? If not, how do I configure it to allow updating?

I think that it is fixed at this version. Just give it atry and if you find problems post again :wink:

K, thank you very much Pandlouk

It is fixed in version It was tied up with the ICMP Fragmentation Needed rule added in this version.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I hope it’s all right to post this question here. I did a search and couldn’t find any answers for it. The question is. Is there anything special needed to do upon installation of new beta with a wireless desktop cpu that has WEP KEY enabled. I have used 2.2 version, but it was not enabled at the time. Now with it being stated that the beta is very stable, I would like to give it a try. Unless of course someone thinks I should have reservations being an average pc user. Thanks ahead of time to any replies.

Just give it a try. It is very stable. but in the rare chase

ps.But in the rare chase that you see that one of these happens:
2. the CPU usage is always high
3. the hard disk is constatly working

unininstall it and report the problem here :wink:

Okay, thanks. I hope it all goes well for me. I will create a new restore point before installation. I have read where this is always a good idea. If for some reason I do have to uninstall it. Will everything be removed? I don’t l want to leave something that would interfere with windows firewall. also you mentioned high cpu usage. I read that beta is much lower in consumption, is this true for you? And last. Do you or anyone know if Fast User Swithching is working all right? By the way, I have a four year old pentium 4 cpu with 480mb ram, with windows xp, avast 4.7, and winpatrol 10. Any worries there? But I won’t need Winpatrol with Comodo’s detection correct?

Yes fast user switching is supported in BETA release. Winpatrol is a spyware scanner whereas CPF is a firewall. You dont need to uninstall it before installing CPF.


Thanks Egemen. I appreciate the info. For some reason I thought Comodo had some detection along the lines of a HIPS as well. That’s all right though. Anyway, is Comodo 2.3 beta alot lower in memory usage than 2.2 or just a little bit ? I know I read it was 3mb less for one of it’s processes. Or will it just run faster as advertised. Also, will I have to uninstall it for next beta or final release? Thank you. I just want to add one more thing. For a program that is free, it seems myself and some others are being maybe a little too picky. However the nice part is, that no one connected with Comodo seems to mind. This is very refreshing.

BETA is much faster than the latest stable version. And memory usage is less but not significantly less.

IF you use BETA, you need to check for updates at this place. Because BETA versions do not have auto update functionality. You always need to uninstall previous versions if CPF does not uninstall automatically.