configuration problems with local proxies

Hi all,
I’m currently testing CPF and I have a configuration problem.
I use some local proxy:
By exemple my browser (opera) is connected to a web filter (proxomitron) which intercept malicious scripts and advertisings. It use localhost:8080 to get out to proxomitron.
Another exemple is my newsreader is connected to a code translator (mproxy) witch is connected himself to a local news server.

In both case, despite allow all connection, add localhost like trusted zone, it can’t access to internet.

I’ve read in the manual, than there is a addon to manage proxy, using updater, but I have not the config button to download it.

Do you have a solution for me ? thx


When you install proximitron or any other local proxy server CPF will ask you “Proximitron tries to act as a server…”. You should select Remember my answer option and press Allow button.

Then when your browser tries to connect to the proxy, CPF will ask you
1- “opera.exe tries to connect”.
2- “promimitron.exe tries to connect to the Internet”

you should select " Remember my answer option" and press allow button for both popups.

Then you should not see any connection problems.

Make sure you have configured your browser’s proxy configuration correctly. Try instead of localhost to see if it works.

Local proxy servers should work with CPF with no problems.

You dont need to add Localhost as a trusted zone etc. Just try to answer popups.

Hope this helps.

Hi Egemen, thks for reply.

Because I known exactly all that is running on my computer, I’m sure that I had select “allow” at each popup windows. But I will try again soon.

I was surprised too, that when I had disable the CPF, it gave me not back access to my proxies. The only way to continue working with my PC, was to remove totaly CPF.

May be that I have a specific configuration, because I don’t find other people with a such problem :slight_smile: