Configuration- Proactive Security Updated?

Hi all!

Just asking about something I noticed in my configuration choices after I updated to 3.8… instead of having only Proactive Security, I have both Proactive Security -Updated, as well as normal Proactive Security. What is the difference, and what does the “Updated” mean?


You were running the previous version you had installed in Proactive Security that is why it is marked Updated (This configuration contains all your previous rules you made) you also have the new options for the updated version you have updated to.
If you switch to one of the new configurations you lose all previous rules made.

Before I did a new install I had Internet Security -Updated Configuration.

Oh, ok. Thanks!!


I can’t follow.

I had the same and even

Proactive security
Proactive security updated
Proactive security updated-updated

How long will this list become \ can I somehow delete one?

Any that are not marked active you can delete.

In the recent release updated from 3.12 to 3.13 this does not happen no updated configurations after update of program.


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Ok so witch proactive do I delete, the normal or the updated?

The active configuration is the one with all your rules if you delete that one everything will be gone.


How can I see the rules, I can only see

[attachment deleted by admin]

By your screenshot the active configuration is the updated one if you delete that one all your Defence+ and Firewall rules will go.

The other configurations only have the default rules.


Edit Just tried import new Proactive Configuration1 activated only default rules started learning network rules etc.
Activated my original Proactive Configuration to have all learn rules back.