Configuration of the Firewall - notifications & internet access

Hi all,
apologies if this is in the wrong section (couldn’t find any more appropriate sections though).
I just installed a new version of the free Firewall and can’t seem to configure it right.
I’ve been using this product since years, but this new version is giving me headaches.

What I want is notification every time an application tries to connect to the internet or gets an incoming connection, with a prompt that allows me to define a rule.
Now I either 1. get prompts about everything (installer trying to create a directory, executables trying to use shell commands) or 2. I don’t get a single warning.

I tried different general settings (like Training, Secure, Custom rule set etc. - my UI is not in English so I’m translating), but none of them does what I’m looking for (and been getting with previous versions for a long time).
I also tried “do NOT show notifications”, turning it off, but I get lots of unwanted warnings.
I also tried to modify the Frequency of alarms (low, medium etc.) but it is not related to the kind of notification (hd access, shell, internet connection).

Any advices?
Win8 Home x64, Comodo Firewall 6.3.29…
Thx in advance

Welcome to the forums.

If I understand you correctly you are getting a lot of D+ alerts (which you don’t want). Please make sure D+ settings is set to Safe Mode. That should stop the big amount of unwanted D+ alerts. It sounds like it may be set to Paranoid Mode.

Did you by any chance disable Trust applications signed by trusted vendors?

Did you put Firewall Behaviour Settings to Custom Ruleset Mode? Can you show a screenshot of the Global Rules of the Firewall?