Configuration of Comodo for YouTube

31 Jan 09

I’m a newbie with the Comodo firewall. Question: How should the firewall be configured for safe navigation of ootentially dangerous sites like YouTube and the Limewire library – can this be done without dragging performance 'way down? Thanks for any opinions…

Welcome. :slight_smile:

This would have to do with your web browser settings in CFP.

Go to: Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy
Depending on the browser you are using, find the executable. It will probably already be there. For example, if you’re using Internet Explorer look for “iexplore.exe” or for Firefox look for “firefox.exe”. Make sure it’s set to “Web Browser”. If it’s not, highlight it, “edit”, and choose “predefined policy”. Select “Web Browser” and Apply.

This setting should be sufficient for most users, security and usability wise.

I wasn’t the original poster… however, this was helpful: Thank You!


I just stumbled across this thread myself and immediately went to CIS 3.10 to set up the Web Browser rules for both Opera and Firefox, thanks!