Configuration Migration Loop

After installation of latest update of the Firewall my system wants to identify an old format installation and asks if I want to reconfigure to a new version

I have answered Yes and No (Yes initially) to try to clear but no success. After a reboot the question pops up time and time again

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Works a treat on other machines and answering Yes at the migration window worked fine on 4 other machines

Thank you Comodo for a Firewall that you can actually see what is going on.

Two reboots is fine with me I did 50 with Trend Micro and their support desk and no success so this Firewall is a dream by comparison so I don’t understand those knockers who complain about having to reboot twice during the installation

Never kick a gift horse in the mouth

Hallo, does the migration succesfully complete or not?
Judjing from the topic title it seems cfp continully asks you to migrate your configuration. ???

I have similar issue as well. It keep ask me every boot.
Nothing happen when I answer YES. I notice that comodo tray icon not running in this situation.

For now I need to answer NO to make firewall to run.

Migration seems to go through alright, there certainly is a delay while it apparently happens.

After each subsequent reboot the Fire Wall cpf.exe is running in Task Master but not showing in the icon Task bar bottom right area

Once you say no to the question do you wish to migrate old to new the Firewall opens and the icon appears correctly

If you say Yes to the question it achieves nothing as the same occurrs next reboot

In summary the yes or no answer gives the same result that is the migration seems not to upgrade at all

I have since removed the fire wall using Comodo remove and reinstalled from scratch and again the same loop process is occuring

Oh, it gets even worse… My configuration migration finished, and wiped all the firewall settings in the process. Everything has been reset to the default state >:(

Anyone has a backup of an old config that is able to trigger this bug?

The same, exact thing is happening to me. I probably have an old configuration, as I keep seeing the dialog. How would I know? Also, I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition.

Here you have ( (:WAV)

EDIT by mod: grasped the config and removed it to protect your privacy. Ill forwar this to the devs :-TU

Thanks gibran, I forget to PW-protect, my fault :-TU

Devs already fixed a related issue it that fix didn’t address this issue your config should be able to make this bug reproducible and hence fixable :slight_smile:

No problem about the zip I removed it soon after I got ahold of it.
You at least forgot only a password I often forget to write properly spelled words when I post :-[

Don’t worry, we are only humans :slight_smile:

3.0.18 is out. Can anyone confirm if this issue is no more?
I guess you need to update from 3.0.16 :-*

Just tested, importing configs from .16 and .17 and back from .18 flawless (for me).

Updating from .16 to .18 also flawless (for me).


3016 → 3017 fail
3016 → 3018 success

Thanks (:CLP)