Configuration File Compatibility

To hopefully stop a nasty Comodo crash, I uninstalled Comodo Internet Security (v5.10.228257.2253). However, before removing CIS I went into “Manage My Configurations” and exported the “COMODO - Firewall Security” configuration, which was the only one “Active”. Unplugged the Network Cat cable (which I think should be mentioned in the Instructions) and ran Revo Uninstaller. Once that was finished I rebooted the computer twice to make sure the uninstall was happy.

Once that was completed, I installed Comodo Firewall (v5.10.228257.2253). After making a couple of changes in the installer options, the CF install was painless and went smoothly. Rebooted the computer and once that was completed I reconnected the Network Cat cable. At this point CF appears to be running okay, and only time will tell if the crashing has ceased.

Went into “Manage My Configurations” and using “Import”, I located the “COMODO - Firewall Security” configuration file I exported earlier. Comodo recognized the file as valid, said that a file already existed, which I allowed to be overwritten and Comodo said the configuration file was successfully imported.

However, nothing in any of the Comodo configuration panels appears to be modified by the import of the configuration file.

Question; even though the previous and current version is exactly the same, could installing CF instead of reinstalling CIS have resulted in some sort of incompatibility for the failed import of the configuration file?

Or, have I misunderstood the purpose of Exporting and Importing the configuration file?

Could you please change the name of your export config to my config or anything else different from the default ones? Then restore again your export config and see if it makes a change.

As you suggested, I created a copy of the “COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx” export file that I use Yesterday and renamed it to “MyConfig.cfgx”. Then went into “Manage My Configurations”, clicked “Import” and selected the newly renamed configuration file. Comodo said that a configuration file with that name already exists and whether I want to overwrite the existing configuration. I clicked, “Yes”.

There appears to be no change to the configuration in Comodo. I then checked the existing “COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx” file in the Comodo install directory and it shows no signs that anything was modified. It is not set for read-only.

One thing I noticed is the format of the configuration files. The existing file in the Comodo directory is in U-Unix and the exported configuration file is in U-DOS. I wonder if Comodo simply doesn’t understand the configuration file?

To see if it might be the culprit, install the AV module ==> Start > Programs > Comodo > Comodo Firewall > add remove components. Then import one of the default config to overwrite your current one and re-import your config. If that works, you can remove the AV via the “add remove components”.

If it doesn’t work, I would suggest to reinstall CIS again, but to be sure all remnants will be remove, use the CIS uninstaller tool which you’ll find here Comodo Forum

Does it matter that I never had the AV module installed? I’m thinking if I do so now it will probably cause a major conflict with Avast. And to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure I want to uninstall Avast at this time to get what should be a uncomplicated process to work. I have to give this more thought.

Sorry from what you said here

I understood that initially you had CIS installed, AV included, and not only the FW.

Of course, if you never installed CAV before, the AV module wouldn’t have any impact on your exported config.

Heres a little example:
Imagine you would insert 5 configurations.
Then you would have around 9 configurations in that list.

Now, what is required to do with the desired configuration?
Yes, activating :smiley:

You missed to activate the configuration. Instead, you just added another configuration to the list.
It would be bad on the other hand, if inserting of a new configuration would automatically disable the former one without notice.

On the right side is a button.
Make sure that the right configuration gets activated!

Your attempt to recheck settings is allways a good idea though.

No, the mistake is mine. I should have made that clearer. My apologies.

I presumed that if there was only one “Active” configuration and that configuration was exported, the act of importing the same named configuration would overwrite the existing configuration. This was further presumed due to the warning from Comodo that I was about to overwrite the existing configuration.

If I’m warned about overwriting and the configuration doesn’t change, exactly what am I overwriting?

And, if I am overwriting, then when does the overwriting actually change anything?

The problem is, prior to importing the configuration, the configuration was active and after verifying the import, the configuration was active. To me, it looked like the task was accomplished because I told Comodo to overwrite the existing configuration and that became active.

To be clear, no additional configurations were added. Comodo claimed the existing configuration was overwritten and that appeared to become the current active configuration.

Comodo did warn about overwriting the existing configuration and at that point fullfiled any concern about a notice.

So, when I verify to Comodo that I want to overwrite the existing configuration, it’s suppose to do nothing?

I understand what you are saying. I’m getting a better idea how the quirky Configuration Manager works.

I was mostly concerned with the old rules I had in the previous configuration. Now that enough time has passed I’m getting less concerned about the old configuration. The list is getting repopulated as programs request Internet access.

However, the thing that I continue to be mostly irked about is the “System” rules I used, which I originally had nothing but trouble configuring. Comodo continues to falsely say that “System” is safe when it’s not safe to allow full access. In fact, I would go so far as to say, dangerous.

Import configs.
Then activate the one you want to have.
Its simple.

Give them unique names, so no rule sets get replaced! And you can choose.
I am doing this for ages. Never a problem.
If i forgot to activate it, i noticed it by checking the settings after a config loading. Suggested in general.

Sometimes its our way of understanding, that is different to a given fact. We might say, this fact is bad… but when we understand, it makes sense :slight_smile:
Like with biking on two wheels… A kid could say, why not allways using 4 wheels? :smiley:

And about rules and automatic suggestions:
This program should be useable by “normal users” too. I agree with you that some things are concidered to become allowed for ease of use, while they should be handled with understanding.
But the users who we are speaking about, would rather uninstall a protection program if “something” “doesnt work”. And they would expect everything to be the fault of a stupid firewall “and i got rid of it”.

It should not irk? you. Instead, you can decide what you want. Use it :slight_smile:

When i choosed comodo, i saw the good things. They are still good after a lot of years. Some things i “disabled”, others i made my own way. Thats the best part of it. The choice.

Everyone who is using something, which he does not fully understand, might fail one day.