Configuration: COMODO - Internet Security or Firewall Security?

I’m using the latest version of Comodo Antivirus Free. Under Advanced Settings, Configuration:
COMODO - Internet Security - Active
COMODO - Proactive Security
COMODO - Firewall Security
This may be a stupid question (I’m new to Comodo)
When I switch configuration from COMODO - Internet Security to COMODO - Firewall Security, it labels the Firewall as Active, but removes the Active label from COMODO - Internet Security.
With Comodo Firewall Active, will this stop the Virus protection, or will both work together?
Thank you!

It is correct that when you activate the Firewall it will label the Firewall configuration as active. The label will be removed from the Comodo - Internet Security configuration.

When you run the Firewall Security the AV won’t be active. If you want the Firewall and AV active together you need to activate the Comodo - Internet Security configuration.