"Configuration Changed!" message after update [Resolved]

After updating to today (it seemed to update successfully btw), Comodo Firewall asked me to restart. I did this, and when my computer got back into Windows after restarting, it immediately popped up a message: “Configuration Changed! Your configuration settings has just been adjusted. You need to restart your computer. Would you like to restart it now?” This message popped up before everything even finished loading. I let everything finish loading and then clicked yes for it to restart again.

When I did the update, I did not change any settings, so what does this pop-up mean, and what configuration settings did it adjust? Why did it need to restart a second time right after it had already been restarted? I don’t understand why I got this message or what exactly it did to my configuration settings. Does anyone happen to know what it means?

I am running Windows XP Pro on a Toshiba A45 Satellite Notebook. I have Spyware Doctor 4.0 and AVG Free AV installed. Not sure if this info is necessary, but I thought I would include it just in case.

Thank you.

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Hi & Welcome.

I haven’t updated, but reading the forum this is a normal procedure when one updates from a previous version vs. cleaning installing by downloading the setup file from the official site. I think what happens is the first reboot the is the standard requirement because CFP will have to update its files/drivers. The second reboot is required in order to “preserve” one’s settings and rules that were saved on the previous version.

I see - that makes sense. I was just concerned because it didn’t happen with some of the other updates I had previously done. However, this might vary (whether you have to do the two reboots) depending on what files are being updated.

Thank you for the info.