Configuratiion driving me nuts

I can’t find a Comodo version number, but it’s the latest

I installed Comodo only for the firewall, having just removed Zone Alarm after many years. I have AdAware, and Avast Anti-Virus running in the background already, and I run several other anti-spyware programs regularly. . I specified Comodo should install ONLY THE INTERNET FIREWALL. Now it asks for permission every time I run an executable, or a program has to run a file or change a registry key. I have over 100 programs, and I can’t function like this. Can this be turned off?

OK, I just saw a post for deactivating Defense+. Is that it?

CIS version number can be found at


Yes, defense+ is the HIPS which alerts you about the happenings in your computer. You can keep it on ‘Training Mode’

Right Click CIS Icon-Defense+ Security Level - Training Mode

and run the regular programs once or keep it in that mode for 1-2 days so that CIS learns how you use the computer. Once done you can change it back to ‘Safe Mode’ or ‘Clean PC Mode’. By that time CIS will learn your way of using computer and you will get alerts ‘very few’ alerts.

If you are sure you do not want to use Defense+ at all, you can either keep it in ‘disable’ mode or deactivate defense+ permanently by

Open CIS-Defense±Advanced-General Settings-Deactivae Defense+ permanently.

Hope this helps

I recommend that in the time in which you run CIS in Training Mode, you do not browse websites that you are not 100% sure are safe. If you get malware whilst CIS is in Training Mode, it will be allowed onto your computer, and it’s actions will be considered safe - not good!

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Thanks. I’ve turned off Defense entirely, as my computers are already protected.

My version is 3.12.111745.560 freeware.

1–I’ve always had Thunderbiird in my Startup folder, so all my email is already downloaded when I sit down. Even though Comodo had permision to let TB through, upon startup I get a TB error “Failed to connect to myISP.” I have to download the mail manually. Is C delaying letting my ISP connection through?

2–Upon installation and configuration, Comodo let Firefox and Thunderbird access the web without asking for my permission, although it asked about other executables. :-TD Was that because it recognizes them as a browser and email program, or is this a glitch?

3–BTW–I also use Comodo Backup, and I’ve had this same problem here: On your pages, most of the buttons don’t show up in Firefox. Across the top, in FF, I have:

Pages [1] GO DOWN a large space, then PRINT.

FF now has about 25% of the market, so it’s time you’re tech staff altered their programming. I shouldn’t be forced to switch to IE to use your forum.

There are no problems using Firefox to view the forum. Many forum users prefer Firefox. (I’m one of them…) I’ve tried a few tweaks and can’t seem to make those buttons disappear. Seems like a problem on your end?

Please keep your Firewall Security level at 'Custom Policy" mode (Right Clcik CIS tray Icon), if you want alerts for all the programs.

In ‘safe mode’ CIS will give automatic permissions to all the programs ‘recognized as safe’ by CIS.

You can review the programs which are already granted permission at

CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Network Security Policy.

You can modify or delete the rules there. Once in ‘Custom Policy Mode’, you will get alerts for all the programs which are not given permission under ‘Network Security Policy’.

Thank, must go over the instructions again. ZA was so ingrained in me for about 10 years.

Not worth looking for the missing buttons in FF if it’s in my profile. Happens only in 2 or 3 sites, even with all add-ons turned off.

So what’s going on in Thunderbird? It has full permission.

Not true.:)Even in training mode, if a malware triggers a suspicious action, D+ will detect it.

It’s not an issue with me. My comps are clean, I run Firefox, and I run AdAware in the background. I run Mbam and SuperAntispyware regularly.

So NOT “not true…”

O.P. has disabled D+ therefore D+ will NOT give protection.


I still have the issue with Thunderbird. Anyone?

What you mean?

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