Configurable Update Frequency

I think there should be an option to configure the update interval, as well as
making it possible to disable auto updates altogether.

Some people (including me) might not want CIS to check for updates
every 30 minutes or so (as it might be planned in future versions)

So please … make it configurable and switch-off-able, thus making everyone


I think it could be useful, every (at least almost every) AV allows to disable auto updates so CAV should as well.

I agree, I am seeing the updater way to often. Once a week would suffice in my case.

+1 for giving people the choice.

+1. Mostly for configuring the update frequency.

You mean set your AV to check for updates once a week? The bare minimum should be daily. Having it update once a week would greatly decrease its detection effectiveness.

hello everybody ;D

I summarized a bunch of update options in the usability forum (post #1, post #2, post #3). For those of you who do not have privileges to access that forum, the pic below summarizes the features that I recommended. It shows your suggestions, including the option to set the update interval in hours (1 to 99) and the option to disable automatic updates.


[attachment deleted by admin]

+1 :-TU

+50 I can’t believe that there are no settings to setup the update frequency… :o I hope something like this gets integrated into the new version.

30 minutes was very high frequency.

Even if the option to configure this does eventually become available, leaving it at 30 minutes would be wise, considering COMODO should have their 30 minute updates available by that time. :wink:

Yes this is really good idea

Would be nice, my CIS updates every 10-15 min. ???
Update 1x per day shout be reach.

I have unselected my “Automatically update virus database before scanning” in the Real Time Scanning tab in Virus Scanner Settings. Doing this has caused all those 10-15 min database updates to cease, thankfully. However now unless I run a manual scan (I still have that update before scanning box selected) the virus database doesn’t update at all.

So my request is that an update scheduler be implemented into the Anti-virus that can be set for a certain time of day, because updating more than once a day is IMHO unnecessary.

Thanks for listening.

Ok i realize this thread is very old, but still i would like to bump it.

Did Comodo build in an option to set the Update frequency in CIS 5, because if they have then i would love to know where in CIS 5 this function can be found. I understand that an AV needs to be up to date, but i also think it is not needed to check every 30 minutes…personally i would like to be able to set it to check every 2 to 4 hours.

And if we still can not change the update frequency…why not?

They still haven’t done that, but;msg342090#msg342090

details a way you can do it yourself, using scheduled scan as the update trigger.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

It will help till they put that function into CIS(Hopefully soon. :slight_smile: ), thanks for the link Panic. :-TU

The workaround has one down side. Comodo doesn’t seem to run missed scheduled scans. So unless I set a lot of tasks, the database has a high chance of not being updated because the computer wasn’t running at the time. On the other hand having multiple tasks a day will have pretty much the same result as having auto updates turned on.

Please count me in for this request.


Yes, I also agree with this, and therefore bump the thread.

COMODO - please implement a way to manage the update frequency

Frequency choice
high - every hour
medium - every 6 hours
low - every 24 hours

Default - medium

Reducing the update frequency helps me - and may even help you - as COMODO is becoming more popular, reducing your server load will surely help and assist those that need high frequency updates :wink: