configration help - kindly help!


It has been a pleasure for me to have shifted to comodo firewall, where one get’s a great firewall which is easy to config and frEE : ) hence no hickups inside :wink:

having said … i am on a home cable conn. where a dhcp server assigns my ip address & has 2 dns servers.

anyways … i am using version “” on vista sp1,

  1. does it still require startup through task scheduler to run properly with uac active?

  2. I have noticed logging turning on by its self, while i promply rememeber turning it “off” before a restart! is it just me? does it have anything to do with deleting account’s temp files folder where it might be storing its config file? :expressionless:

  3. it fails to recognize software signature in defense+?

  4. & most importantly, cfp.exe needs to connect to dns servers? i.e to detect network configration? (i have already inserted the dns ips in my network settings). would it have any adverse effect on the functionality if i were to block any outbound connections [ ip out all ]?

for question 1, u can disable UAC if u have D+ on. it does the same thing, only better.

+1 :-TU


well i appriciate your help.

i am not using defence+ at the moment (waiting for the next update) since the "My trusted softwre vendor doesn’t seem to work in version mentioned above. It was working fine until the recent update i.e .349. hence i have opted not to use it for the time being and keep uac on.

well tht answers q.3, thanks for the confirmation! (hence i have the defence+ module off for the moment)

the answer to the uac was unclear since it was pointed that it does the same job, but is scheduling the startup from the task scheduler is still required?

some assistance with the rest of the quarries plz!!

what scheduling from startup? D+? or uac?

uMmM lets ignore tht for the while and have a quick jump on q.4. comon ppl … helpPp! : )