Config help! Help me choose!


My question:
Which Configuration must I choose after install of Comodo CIS?
Configs: Firewall updated, firewall, internet security, antivirus, proactive.
I can’t understand, whats are the differences between them.
I don’t use comodo antivirus, so, this option is spare, this is ok.
But, I use firewall with defense +, fw, net, proactive.
I can’t choose.


Since you have a configuration Firewall Updated it means that you used the program updater of CIS to update it. It also means the active configuration at the moment of updating was the Firewall configuration.

The Firewall updated configuration has all your settings and rules as you made them before the update.

Conclusion: activate the Firewall updated profile and you won’t have to set up CIS again.

Currently, I use Proactive security config.
Isn’t good?

And my BIG second problem: if I switch to a new config profile, Comodo CIS delete all of my defense + program rules, and firewall program rules, too.

Is this normal?

When you switch to another profile you have never used before you start from the very beginning. That is how CIS is designed.

There is nothing wrong with Proactive Security configuration. It gives the most protection of all the configurations. I am always running in Proactive Mode.