Config Gmail/Thunderbird acount?

I use Antispam but I can’t get my Gmail account into Antispam!? Does enyone knows how to get Gmail working in Thunderbird or Outlook?

What is a Pop3 account name?
Where do I tell the program my login and password ?

With Thunderbird 2 it will configure for googlemail automatically and all you have to enter is your google user name and password, take a look:


I installed TB2.0 and hope this wil work like you wrote.




Full instructions from google

Still no Sync is possible with Gmail. My account works and mail is coming true but there is no quarantine list on the Gmail mail. On the other accounts from it works fine (:SAD)

1-Does Gmail allows no sync?
2-Can somebody send my a email to test if his/her mail is shown in the quarantine list?

Nope… (:SAD) all Gmail accounts do not hold spam at all!

I made a email question to Comodo and the receiver coud not answer to the problem and did send my problem tot the Comodo tech. guys.

Now we wait… (V)

And wait … :THNK

And wait … (:SAD)