Config Export Not Working

Please help

I have CIS 5.10.228257.2253 running on 2 machines. One is a netbook 32bit, the other is a laptop 64bit both running Win 7.

I have a ton of IP Addresses blocked on the netbook in my firewall Network Policy - Blocked Zones settings. I want to export them all to CFGX file and import them into the laptop.

Every time I try to do this it doesn’t work. I can export from the netbook but the subsequent import results in no entries in the firewall blocked zone area.

I had a look at the exported cfgx file with notepad and there’s plenty of “stuff” in there but no list of IP addresses.

Any ideas why this won’t work?

Is it a 32bit issue or some other incompatibility?

If I were to upgrade to a newer version would the upgrade preserve all those blocked IP addresses or lose them?

Thanks in advance

Dang, please ignore.

Suddenly it has decided to work. Seems a bit squiffy.

Last question still stands though. If I upgrade will it retain all my firewall blocked IP’s?