Config changes advice if import already done by 3xist Guide

Hi Ronny ad 3xist,

I have already performed manual config transfer, accorfing to 3xist Guide.
CPFW 3 did not offer me upgrade and I was confused by guide in a way
there is not other way to keep old settings.

I suppose more users followed the same procedure.

It would be great, if you add to config Guide an advice,
what changes should These users perform after manual import,
Eventually differences to existing ones, if user performed auto upgrade.


I already deleted the old guides, People are having problems updating CFP 3.0x & other issues. & Ronny’s is the finalized version based on Moderator Discussion.


I would suppose you will do so.

Just want to now, if I can follow Ronny Guida, or if there is any differences.

E.g. AFAIK your guide rebooted CIS before importing, Ronny one after importing and manual changing.
This may or may not be significant.

Edit: Or, maybe best would be uninstall CIS, reinstall and follow Ronny guide from the start ?
Edit 2: But, having Vista 64, one should wait a little untill guide is finished.
Edit 3: Or, reinstal last version CPFW 3, import old settings and try to auto upgrade ?

Sounds good. :slight_smile: But hey if everything is working fine a reinstall isn’t necessary.


OK, so I just will wait until Ronny says vista changes are ready too.

No worries mate.

I know the my guide was closed randomly, But yeah things changed. :slight_smile:



I don’t know how many rules you have but if it’s not to many i would go for a complete clean install without importing anything, you have to go trough much more trouble to modify your old config …

Well, I have your modification already done, waiting eventually to Vista addon.
It did not take so long.

I fact, I bet reinventing all the rules would take much more time.

Interesting idea would be to have possibility optionally
import current standard settings like file or key groups that would replace old ones.

Or “Reset standard lists” or so.

The rule of thumb here is this.

If you have a running installation of CFP or CIS and you upgrade do the following:
Export your old configuration
Uninstall the old version
Install the new version, start the GUI

Import the old configuration AS a new name to preserve the new “clean” configurations COMODO - xxxxx
Select it to activate it


Now use this great tool to make 2 configuration exports from yours and from the clean one you would like to compare

Now use something like WinMerge to do an easy graphical overview of the differences.

Now you can change what is missing in your “old” configuration.

Can I just import one of those 4 CFG files from CIS directory
and compare them to
either current state of previously imported CPFW 3
either just exported state ?

Does matter much, if I imported old config AFTER reboot of CIS,
not BEFORE ( as was in 3xist guide ) ?

BTW WinMerge is great tool, I like it.

If you import and select before rebooting you prevent polution of the “clean profiles” that’s all.

so, clearly said, best if I

uninstall CIS
install CIS again
import and select old config
run export tool
play with compare tools
make the changes.

  • is it right ?

OR, try to

reinstall last FW version 3
import old settings
Try to auto upgrade to CIS without AV?

Greetings all,

This is a very good question, by poutnik. I asked the similar of not the same in another thread.
It seems like anyway there is no answer to that and all discussions are about complete uninstall/reinstall + manual changes.

Since I am back to CFP 3.0 after CIS .424 failure. My old settings Imported into 3.0 and working fine again:

Will auto-update to do all correctly so no manual changes needed.

***edit: Hi poutnik I was typing when you posted It seems we are asking the same Q at the same time (:KWL)

My regards

into Wish List: is it possible to post somewhere all newly introduced settings… and actually it would be nice to have such in the future published with any fresh release in addition to changelog, so there are less surprises / confusions/ repostings same questions / different instructions/ reinstallations.

Downgraded to 3,
imported old v3 CFG,
updated by check update,
all seems to be fine

I’ve posted the “What are the defaults for “COMODO - Internet Security” CIS 3.5.54375.427” here so maybe you can compare some stuff and see if yours looks like that ?

Uff Uff, long list. Is it a new kind of cartoons ? (:LGH)

I will check, supposing some setting I have chenged in V3,
OTOH I did not touch default grops or policies.