Conficker Worm / Virus April 01 2009

Malware Research Group investigated 15 Antivirus Programs
[see Adobe Photoshop PDF – My Blog]
“Malware Research Group has just finished a small test where we used a sample of Conficker.B worm and tested the same 15 programs we have used in our Project #16/malware test.”
Out of the 15, only 2 Antivirus were not able to detect the Virus.
One of those two was Comodo.
As I use Comodo Internet Security Suite, and have recommended it to many in my family and friends, should I be worried? Especially tomorrow? HELP
Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks & Regards = John

Tomorrow, conficker.c attacks, not the B version. I’m not sure if Comodo has this one. But I assume so as it’s so known. If not, defense+ will certainly protect you against it (as long as you don’t use Cleanpc mode 88))


Thanks Xan,
Appreciate the clarification.
I checked ‘Defense+’ and did I really select ‘CleanPC mode’?
Or is it the default setting when you install Comodo is the ‘CleanPC mode’.
Anyhow, I have quickly pushed the slider up to ‘Safe Mode’.
Hope that does the trick, and I don’t now get nuisance alarms . . . ???
I will now rush round to my friends etc. to do the same !
Thanks for your prompt advice!
Cheers = John

No problem John :wink:

The cleanpc mode is the default configuration, if you have any other questions please ask them


Just one point,
I interpreted that ‘Safe Mode’ is sufficient, right?
No need to go to the ‘Paranoid’ mode in this case?
Any hints when a user might need Paranoid Mode?
Any disadvantages to being permanently in P Mode?
Sorry for all the questions!
Regards = John

Well, I stay forever in Safe mode ^_^. Paranoid mode is for the people that want to have around everything asked. For me, I like it to be as quiet as possible so I keep it in safe mode :slight_smile:


Comodo antivirus catches this C variant, at least it does since march 23… :smiley:
And D+ was able to catch it for month possible even years before any antivirus had definitions for it… :slight_smile:

My only question is. Can the Free version of Comodo catch and Destroy all the conficker versions…

A tad late seeing I only have a good 3 and a half hours before it gets bad. (If it does)

The combination of CIS AntiVirus and Defense+ will stop it dead in its tracks - free version or otherwise.

The only difference between the free version and the paid Pro version is the Pro version comes with live support and a Trust Connect license.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks. Sorry i’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to new software. I definately picked a good choice for AV software then.