Concerns Regarding SiteAdvisor

SiteAdvisor by McAfee gave CIS a “yellow” rating because it contacted several web servers.

I’d like to know if the “web server contact” is true or not for CFP with Defense+, only.

Where? which web page?
What do you mean? CIS is green

Not overly concerned just curious.

McAfee SiteAdvisor does give a green rating, but it checked a RC version of CIS and assigned it with a yellow label (warning) for contacting the web servers:

(Note that this yellow label has been on the Firewall since version 3 something, and I was getting uncomfortable using Comodo)

The link of the McAfee site report is (Although I’m unsure if it will work on computers w/o the SiteAdvisor extension.)

Hey Spider… Comodo is safe. Nothing to worry about

So you’re saying these ratings are false, then?

(If so I’ll post to the SiteAdvisor homepage, the unofficial forum)

I think what it’s detecting is comodo’s tool bar (Which is totally optional!!)

But yes, If you could please report that it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would, but if it is detecting the tool bar and Comodo Safe Search (and it’s not false), then I can’t really report anything (because it would be true). I’ll make a comment, but still… are you sure Comodo doesn’t contact any ports on its own?

Ummm…okay. If SiteAdvisor is worried about CIS having a toolbar, then what the h–l are they doing to people trying to install SiteAdvisor? See my earlier post on this.;msg219086#msg219086

As I remember my last (and final) install of SiteAdvisor I chose the do not install option for the Yahoo! Toolbar, and it installed itself anyway. Maybe SA should paint its own site with a red rating.