Concerns about AV

I just started using comodo av 1.1 and so far enjoy the program. The interface is set up well and program seems to work (hard to find that these days). However, I just found a test conducted by Malware Test Labs for the Comodo AV and it didn’t fair well. Actually, very poor. It was dead last. For reference, follow link

You might want to try CAV 2 beta as others have found it to be better overall.

That test is a (:LGH) at best. It also rates other powerful avs below 50% like NOD32.

I have professionally contacted the labs and asked, as a professional and registered exploit testing and malware testing company, how they tested their programs. Their response indicated why many AV’s - especially how Kaspersky, which is regarded by many as the best, ranks so low and how AOL Active Virus Shield, based on Kaspersky’s definitions, is so high - failed. They were running it using only the installers of the viruses, in a folder called “Viruses”, in a sandboxed environment. This poses several problems, mainly the fact that it’s not real-world. A lot of AV’s will catch the virus as it’s being run, or a file placed by the installer as it may not be harmful by itself. Secondly, they would not all be in a single folder. Thirdly, sandboxes, or at least the ones they were using, prevent many things inside from happening. While this is the purpose of a sandbox, it causes many AV’s that scan the files to not detect it because of the way the AV’s scan it, as the sandbox is preventing. When we have tested CAVS beta 2, last time being about 4 days ago, it ranked at 74%. NOD32 randed a 94%, and Kaspersky a 99.7%. However, we did it in a real-world situation. We cannot recommend you taking any information from that sight with more then half a grain of salt, as they may be one of the most irresponsible testers in the field. We are not saying that by any means that we’re right, simply that they are extremely inaccurate.

One of the tests took over 64 hours…88)

Thanks for this very useful information Quwen.

and glad to hear that people can see the progress that CAVS has made! And thanks for sharing your test results:

“When we have tested CAVS beta 2, last time being about 4 days ago, it ranked at 74%. NOD32 randed a 94%, and Kaspersky a 99.7%”

Which shows that CAVS not only prevents more malware than others detect… but also improving its detection rate every day!