Conceptronic Bluethooth


i’ve installed CPF and since then i cant use my bluethooth (conceptronic CBTU). i’ve used before i had this new firewall (windows xp firewall) and i didnt have this kind of problems.
My OS is Win XP SP2 fully updated with latest drivers for all kind of hardware (MSI kt6 delta, 1GB ram, nvidia 6600GT MSI) i’ve scan for security threats and didn’t find anything.
more: when i connect my bluethooth, in the main windows of cpf over system info, adapter tab, it doesnt have any IP associated do the hardware (it shows
another issue that i have is when i order to rapair my network connection (i have the cable modem directely connected to the pc) it gives me an info that it couldn’t clear the DNS cache. i don’t know if it is related to the CPF.


It seems DHCP fails to get the ip address.
Can you try to deactivate DNS checks and retry? To do so
Go to Security->Advanced section and deselect “Monitor DNS Requests Option”.