Computers on LAN are unable to access Internet

I have testing CIS Free product on LAN.

CIS is installed on main Computer with Vista, while client computer has XP (without CIS installed on it).

On server, I have created Network zone labelled as ‘LAN’ and allowed ip range from - But internet is not accessible on XP system.

NOTE: PING to server is not working but server is accessible by typing its IP in RUN → \

Can some one guide me how client computer can access internet through CIS.

Thanks in advance

Can you tell a bit more about your home network? Are all three connected to a router? Ho are the machine connected? Is the server acting as your gateway?

Can you show a sceenshot of the firewall logs of server of around the time when the XP machine tries to connect to the web. The logs can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Alerts.