Computers listing

Im not so sure using active directory computers list is the way to go. Computers dont update properly especially when you change the name of one to keep up with your users for example in my case all my workstations are laptops. If a user is given a laptop previously used by someone else the company policy is to change the name of the pc to that person. Which I can see will cause some issues with this approach of managing pc’s. I wonder if the way to do it is by ip or mac address. The list can pull the pc’s by mac or ip with the netbios name attached. I can then click manage for that pc I want to manage and be able to still install the remote client with my domain login info.

(Problem I encountered today with the list)

  • The list doesnt update to whats actually on the AD. When I delete a computer it the list doesnt refresh when I hit the refesh button and when I do the import wizard.

Sorry to be picky on the forums, but I really want to see this product go far. I am a big Comodo Supporter. Keep up the good work. (S)