Computer World Article about Comodo Firewall

15 freebie offerings… nice…



…but in my opinion they didn’t have to mention ZoneAlarm, and they forgot BOClean… :wink:


Melih, CFW is the best, only the best and simply the best.
CFW 3 will be… I’ve got no words.

Congratulations Melih, this is great the word is really getting around about Comodo ;). Keep up the awesome work :smiley:

Melih, it’s great to see so many articles coming out saying how great CFP is, and they haven’t even seen the version 3 yet.


That’s just great!
Tho I don’t think ZoneAlarm Free should be worth mentioning, as it’s not much safer than Windows built-in one…

You can imagine a pyramid!

CFP 3.0 is on the top point!!