computer won't boot after installing CAVS

I installed Cavs this Morning.All went well until i came to reboot.
Just to give you the sequence.
Downloaded CAVS from Camodo Site and saved to “my docs”
Removed AVG
Installed CAVS with appropoiate activation key.
Rebooted but my computer would not complete the boot sequence.
Fortunately i have Go Back installed so i was able to go back an hour
I must admit to being very disappointed,in the light of how good CPF is.
If anybody could help,i would be most grateful

Hi rambo

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with CAVS. I know exactly what you mean, since the very same thing happened to me with that version. If you want to try CAVS, I recommend that you try the CAVS beta (here). It is, IMHO, much better than the release version & has more features. This beta does have some issues for some users (bug reports are here), although as far as I know… it doesn’t have any boot issues like you’ve already encountered.

Thanks Kail
I don’t normally try Beta versions but CPF was the exception and i was delighted.It ran perfectly,absolutely no problems.
So naturally i tried Cavs.Oh dear
AVG and CPF work very well together.
Maybe i will wait until we are out of beta.