Computer will not start


I installed Comodo on my Windows 8 hp laptop yesterday but didn’t bother to restart my computer. When I opened my laptop and logged in today, I got a bsod and a message saying “page fault in non-paged area” and the computer restarted itself. I thought that was weird but didn’t think much about it. But when the counter restarted, comodo opened up. It asked me about a couple of files and I chose to quarantine them both; I think they were called Unwanted or setting that sounded unpleasant.

Then I got another bsod and another page fault in non-paged area message. And now the computer will not start. It’s sat there with the power buttons on and a black screen for about an hour. I have to assume comodo is at fault, because I’ve never received a bsod of death in this counter before and I’ve never had problems starting it before.

The computers still under warranty, but I hace data on the laptop that I NEED to get. So does anyone know of a way to fix this or at least so I can start it up and save the files in Dropbox or something?

Thank you!

Hi Poklapy,
I understand that you are desperate, but please do not double post as it is against the Forum Policy.

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Computer will not start

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