Computer will not start after installing CIS

The only security running during installation was Windows stuff - Malware detector, and the Windows Firewall. I installed CIS, updated and did a quick scan as suggested by the application, then restarted. Now, the computer will not start.Sometimes it gets to the splash screen, sometimes to the Starting Windows screen. Once to the desktop where it immediately froze. I cannot get into Safe Mode or Repair. What next?

I am running Windows 7 64K with all recent updates from Microsoft

Do you have the Windows 7 installation disk or even a Win7 repair disk? Both can be downloaded free and burned to a disk.

I do … it is in the drive, and I have rebooted, but still nothing is happening. I changed boot order, indicated that I want to boot from CD/DVD, it loads files, gets to the Starting Windows screen and then freezes …

That’s very strange. It should boot from the disk and allow you to get to the repair options. It’s not using anything on the hard drive at all so Comodo can’t be the problem. Maybe something is wrong in the BIOS. Can you get into that and restore the default settings?

It also does take a few minutes when booting from a disc before the options to install or repair finally show up.

This might sound strange but sometimes a power supply that is on it’s last legs can cause all kinds of weird problems. So can a hard drive that is about to die.