Computer will not restart

I have a HP laptop that is about 6 weeks old, Win8 preinstalled. I added Avast, no problems. Tonight I installed Comodo firewall and did the restart when prompted. Within seconds Comodo reported that “ccc” (Jenny66 was very helpful telling me this refers to video drivers) was tryiing to comunicate so I clicked the Allow button and that was the end of my computer for the night. It froze solid and I finally held in the power button to shut down and restart. But it won’t restart at all. I do get a couple of keyboard lights and the fan runs, but absolutely nothing on screen - NOTHING - I don’t hear any beeps or see any other indications that its trying to restart. Can’t get to safe mode, can’t do nothing. There’s no way to uninstall anything or access logs because there is zero information on the screen, its totally black. I don’t have a bootable CD at this location (I’m using my wife’s MacBook to post this). Any ideas on how to get out of this mess?

Many thanks for any help.

I saw PM.
I sent reciprocal PM.
While there are no more options. ???
What version.? Comodo Firewall.

OK, here’s how I fixed it on this laptop. Admittedly it was accidental, but that’s how I do some of my most brilliant work. Even though it wasn’t booted up, I simply closed the lid which usually cuts out battery drain, and left the laptop without the power cord attached. Somehow it managed to totally drain the battery. I attached the power cord and tried to restart and by golly, it restarted. Comodo crashed the system again and again before I could get much done and I had to TOTALLY drain the battery again each time to get it to restart. Went through this several times before I finally got rid of all traces of Comodo.

– Sidenote: Comodo firewall continued to run even after running the uninstall routine and restarting. It was a system restore to an earlier date that finally stopped the firewall from trying to run.

Now that my machine is working again I’m steering a wide path away from Comodo. I have no doubt they make a fine product but this was a nightmare for me. I have no idea how this would have played out on a desktop system but I’m back online now and not looking back.

I am glad that all at you OK.
That you solved a problem. :-TU

Edit: It is a pity that you received such problems.
PM from me.