Computer will not restart

I have a HP laptop that is about 6 weeks old, Win8 preinstalled. I added Avast, no problems. Tonight I installed Comodo firewall and did the restart when prompted. Within seconds Comodo reported that “ccc” (I don’t know what that is but the computer is pretty clean) was tryiing to comunicate so I clicked the Allow button and that was the end of my computer for the night. It froze solid and I finally held in the power button to shut down and restart. But it won’t restart at all. I do get a couple of keyboard lights and the fan runs, but absolutely nothing on screen - NOTHING - I don’t hear any beeps or see any other indications that its trying to restart. Can’t get to safe mode, can’t do nothing. There’s no way to uninstall anything or access logs because there is zero information on the screen, its totally black. I don’t have a bootable CD at this location (I’m using my wife’s MacBook to post this). Any ideas on how to get out of this mess?

Many thanks for any help.

that "ccc" (I don't know what that is but the computer is pretty clean
These are videocard ATI drivers. Probably Comodo blocked something. Look while [url=]here.[/url] P.S. That while I quickly found this that. ------------------------------------------------------------ Note: Comodo Firewall to established by the [u]first[/u]. Second only AV Avast.

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