computer speed's down

Comodo, works great. I am having a problem with my speed of computer. It slowed down severlly.
Please help…

Hi Mike and welcome to the forums.

You don’t mention if the slowdown is occuring during startup or shutdown or whether it is occuring during normal operations.

Assuming that you are using the release version (V2.2.X.X) of Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF), open it and click the SECURITY button at the top of the window. Now, click the ADVANCED button on the left edge and turn off “Secure host while booting”. This will lift your bootup speed.

CPF does slow down the shutdown sequence, but this is because it is doing extra check on the startup environment. These checks can’t be turned off, but would you want to anyway?

This gets a bit trickier. Can you send us a screen shot of your network monitor rules?This will at least give us a starting point for further questions.

Again, welcome to the forums.
Ewen :slight_smile: