Computer Slowdown When Using Comodo

heavy cmdagent.exe cpu usage is back after changing log size to 20MB, changing to 100MB or disabling logging still same.

Found that disabling HIPS is what stops the annoying system slowdown cmdagent.exe cpu use. Enabling HIPS, high cpu usage by cmdagent.exe returns. But switching the HIPS settings randomly fixes the cpu use e.g. Disabled-Paranoid, Paranoid-Safe Mode…

changing to 100MB or disabling logging still same.
Do you mean that CPU usage is normal after changing log file size back to 100 MB or by disabling logging?
Found that disabling HIPS is what stops the annoying system slowdown cmdagent.exe cpu use. Enabling HIPS, high cpu usage by cmdagent.exe returns. But switching the HIPS settings randomly fixes the cpu use e.g. Disabled-Paranoid, Paranoid-Safe Mode....
Do you see a pattern here or is it random.

Did you check for left overs from previously installed security programs/ A list of removal tools can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase . Other than that please consider filing a bug report.

heavy cmdagent.exe cpu usage is back after changing log size to 20MB, or to 100MB, or disabling logging, still same high cpu usage by cmdagent.exe. So no it’s not logs as far as my testing.

Found that disabling HIPS is what stops the annoying system slowing cpu use by cmdagent.exe. Then enabling HIPS to my preferred setting Safe Mode high cpu usage by cmdagent.exe returns again when starting/using other software e.g. running a cleaner or starting browser/refreshing a website with flash content like youtube, etc. I’ll call these “triggers” for steps below.

But switching the HIPS settings randomly fixes the cpu use; Disabled as the starting point to stop cmdagent.exe cpu use. Then set to your preferred setting after some switches (excluded Training Mode) e.g.

A) Disabled->Paranoid (try triggers, if no cmdagent cpu use continue to 2., if high cmdagent cpu use triggered try B))
B) Set back to Disabled if cmdagent high cpu use is triggered, wait for it to stop. Then try from Disabled->Safe Mode or Disabled->Clean Mode and try triggers.

  1. Paranoid->Safe Mode (my preferred setting) try a trigger if no cmdagent cpu use you’re fixed for now. If high cpu use returns start from 1. again.

I find in my case Disabled->Paranoid and then to my preferred setting Safe Mode works well without triggering cmdagent.exe high cpu use. Now if changing something in Advanced Settings e.g. EricJH suggesting to change log size and that triggers high cpu use, just run the steps again.

Yes definitely needs a better uninstaller. I made a guide here to properly remove all CIS left overs

Still that doesn’t fix the slowdowns (mostly reinstall issue), the above steps for HIPS helps fix that in my case.

Rigo could you file a bug report as requested by BuketB with the above steps of reproduction?

No, can you or someone else with this bug report it? lol
I don’t want to since last report seems to be going no where.
Just sharing findings n immediate solutions instead :stuck_out_tongue:

One slowdown is on windows start up.
Sometimes the tray icon and widget doesn’t even show up.

It also causes slowdowns when opening a program (i.e. Firefox) after booting.
I have to wait a few minutes for Comodo to boot before I can launch Firefox and have it open.
Problem goes away when Comodo is uninstalled.

WE NEED AN UPDATE TO COMODO SOON! I was actually looking into other Internet security software due to performance impacts.

+1 here…

Did you try a clean installation of CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron?

I actually find Comodo one of the fastest in certain aspects. For example in my tests it slows down the file transfer by only 3%. I move 5 100mb files from one drive to another. I measure the average from 5 times.

The average for the other AV programs is about 14% slowdown on file transfer.

Though the startup is absurd, it takes about 20 seconds more to boot up than without Comodo 8.

Followed it twice. So two total clean reinstall repeating the same startup test. (from the time windows desktop is visible to the time Firefox is able to launch.)
The slowdowns occur every time comodo is installed and go away when comodo is removed.

I just timed it… 4 minutes slowdown on startup - from the time windows desktop is visible to the time Firefox is able to launch.

The slowdown is eliminated when comodo is uninstalled.

Also note that the tray icon didn’t show up and the widget didn’t show up for the full 4 minutes.
And doing a simple task, i.e. double clicking an image on your desktop, would not load until after the 4 minutes it took for comodo to load.

Going to try bitdefender tonight to see if it causes the same slowdowns.

Same here, only on my pc usually it takes up to 3 min. I really hope to see some real improvement here in near future.

Hi xNotta,

Please check your PM, we need to get more details for your PC environment to find out the root cause of the problem.

Thank you

Hi Guys

Unfortunately I have had the same problems. Startup takes 3 - 4 minutes and most programs are slow to start. For the moment I have moved over to Outpost Security Suite (much faster) but will come back when this problem is fixed.

I can confirm it all, even the disabling HIPS work-around. I didn’t manipulate the log file size, as discussed, but I notice the same random (and high-CPU consuming) behavoir.

For now, my HIPS is off.

Hi xNotta,

Please note that we need to get the details of the environment to recreate the issue. Could you please kindly send us screenshots for CIS settings and running processes when you faced this problem ? If you also agree we may connect your PC and try to understand the root cause of the problem. If you prefer this please install and set up TeamViewer and let us know, so that our developers will be able to connect you.

Kind Regards

I wouldn’t leave HIPS disabled… try the steps in my post after the one you quoted. It’s been working well since and rarely get cmdagent cpu use.

When it does happen it doesn’t feel as heavy before doing the steps (even though 25%+ cpu use is identical), just leave it alone till it stops without doing the steps over. Unless cmdagent cpu use starts to constantly act up again then rerun steps.

Using Paranoid setting seems the least likely to get hit by cmdagent cpu use (after the steps). I use Safe Mode most of the time, so maybe it’s the most likely buggy setting? Maybe Clean Mode users too but I never used it.

Could you guys post details of your environment? Comodo will need them to try to reproduce the issues.

What Windows version, what other security programs you have installed and utilities with networking component like virtual machines, Net Limiter etc. Did you do a clean install following Chiron’s recommendations as described in his article How to Install Comodo Firewall? That is to make sure the problem is not caused by possible left overs of security programs you had in stalled in the past.

Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P v3.0;
athlon 2 x2 250;
4gb ram ddr3 1333;
hdd 500gb sata3 saegate;
radeon hd 4350 pci-e;
windows 7 sp1 pro updated;
CIS 8 final updated;

a lot of ■■■■ slow downs when booting up windows, when using the cis gui and a lot of files on my computer that are loosing their proprieties (images, audios, videos and exes are loosing their proprieties). this behavior occour with files already on my computer AND with files that where not on the computer before cis 8 installation.

totaly ■■■■ this cis edition.

edit.: there where none other security suites. I use ccleaner to clean temp and some other stuffs, hdd formate and clean installation of everything and including cis. the same occours with 4+ desktops and laptops that my family have and in everycase I did the format and clean install of everything. some are running win 7 pro x64 amd some are running win 8.1 update1 x64. the same problems in everycase.

My windows XP machine was so painfully slow browsing the internet with december 2013 version of comodo firewall and anti-virus installed, AND, it was bsoding, I had to nuke option the whole thing.

Windows OS XP 32bit

3.4 ghz cpu

2 gigs ram

I actually bought a different computer and installed the latest 1-18-15 download for cis firewall and anti virus on the new 64bit windows 7 machine and had trouble with that set up and comodo.

Comodo also hosed my windows vista 32bit machine on an update back around july 2014 where I had to do a full system restore.

Either a disgruntled coder is at the wheel there in comodo land, or MS is F’ing with comodo with MS system updates breaking comodo code.

Just sayin