Computer Slowdown When Using Comodo

Hi guys, we need to know who had problems with computer slowdown when using COMODO. Please respond if you did to help us improve COMODO for better online experience.

When CIS updates it’s virus database, it takes a lot of computer resources to do so, I’m sure COMODO can improve upon that.

hi guys

lets help by reporting any slowdowns…

if you install CIS and notice a slowing down on anything you do, pls report it.



I have a lot of slow downs in these situations:

  • When I try to open the CIS main gui it is SLOOOOOOWW as hell and a lot of times the main GUI doesnt open so I have to double click systray icon atleast 8 times to have the main gui open;

  • When I try to right click a file and scan with CIS the scanning gui doesnt open and that happens almost everytime;

  • When I start my computer, sometimes the systray icon takes too long to shows up.

These are my problems with the updated cis. Now lets see if You do a good job solving these problems.

EDIT.: Just to clarify. If I try to right click and manualy scan a file the scanning gui takes too long to shows up and a lot of times the gui doesnt shows up but if the file is a malware the warning window shows up fast anough.

I have also noticed a slight slowdown when opening programs, and copying files/folders when CIS is installed compared to other security programs.

I have lots of slowdowns with CIS 8 and because of that I went back to CIS 7. I noticed with the Resource Monitor that cavwp.exe reading a lot from the hard drive… very annoying specially when windows wants to update itself…

I can confirm the slowdown when I open the UI. When I open a folder with shortcuts for the first time after rebot/av updates, again huge slowdown(but hey this is the av issue since way back v3). And at last the av auto-update a real pain, very slow and high CPU usage.

Hi , Thank you for your reply, what is the cpu type ?

thank you for the feedback, In order to guarantee continued and effective antivirus protection, it is imperative that your virus databases are updated as
regularly as possible. However, Updates can be downloaded to your system manually or automatically from Comodo’s update server. In order to configure this please check the guide via below link:

Comodo Internet Security Software Updates, Download Software Updates | COMODO

We will focus on the performance problem on auto-update,

Kind Regards

Whenever I try to open something from the widget it sometimes takes a long time for the password box to show up and sometimes it isn’t focused so that when I start typing, nothing gets entered and I have to click the password field and then enter my password, but mainly the issue is that sometimes it takes a very long time for the password box to appear, sometimes it even doesn’t show at all, I believe it’s the same issue as others are reporting above me, just that I have password set instead.

+1 on password box delay. Also, opening folder with shortcuts and AV updates.

I have an Intel Core i3 Processor [at]2.30GHz, But I don’t really think that means much since it’s a known fact that when CIS updates it’s self it consmes a lot of resources, and slows down what ever your doing at the time.

It’s the “Finalizing” part of the update process that takes a long time.

Me too

In Windows 7 I also notice high CPU usage by cmdagent.exe 25% for long periods anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute sometimes longer.
In Windows 8.1 same 25% but very short few second bursts until whatever program I’m launching like browser/opening new site (in Sandboxie).

Does this correlate with cmdagent.exe responding to ? Did you check with D+ logs or Resource Monitor?

In Windows 8.1 same 25% but very short few second bursts until whatever program I'm launching like browser/opening new site (in Sandboxie).

On my system opening the UI from the systray takes approx 3s which is an ‘eternity’ in computer world. I am on Win 8.1.1 x64 on an AMD Phenom II 925 quad core with 4 GB and Radeon 4200 onboard HD video chipset.

Updating the AV on my underpowered netbook (Asus EEE with Intel Atom and Win 8.1 x86) can take 15+ minutes depending on how many days I did not update it. I hope the work that’s being done on the new av engine will pay off… :slight_smile:

I have got some major slowage after I had to uninstall and reinstall CIS, before that I had no problems (sure comp was slow awhile but it stopped after CIS had initialized itself).

Everything is slow, opening programs (incls CIS), opening websites (no matter if typing or opening link), programs starting on startup, opening folders, opening files and even uninstalling programs (trying to get rid off CIS) is very sluggish and even truing to shut down or reboot comp takes longer than normally and sometimes nothing responds.

I’d understand that IF my comp would be some laptop with celeron processor but its CoreI7 with 8 cores and atm processor usage is ~30% and 4-5 cores have bit over half in use but none of programs in task manager use more than 10% of processor (Firefox 7-10% and others 1.4%) and cmdagent isn’t even in list (hiding somewhere hogging processor).

Until Comodo finds out why CIS is suddenly hogging resources its bye bye CIS (as soon as I get it removed (I have waited 20 mins for uninstall to start uninstalling CIS).

Nothing in CIS logs.

At cuser did you try clean installing CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron? I want to make sure there are no left over drivers from previously installed security programs interfering. The symptoms might be an indication of that.

Yes starting any app especially opening a browser/opening sites in new tabs everytime, services.msc, etc.

Sometimes while the cmdagent.exe 25% cpu usage is triggered, opening another app like notepad, pdf, calculator etc can be delayed by 10+ seconds, even Comodos popup alerts for firewall/HIPS.

Attached cpu and disk screenshots from Resource Monitor, what am I to looking for?

Comodo in Windows 8.1 is great, everything is very responsive and haven’t noticed any of these issues but then again I don’t use 8.1 very much.

Desktop/laptop are high-mid range specs with SSD’s.

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My Windows 7 Starter notebook seems to have slowed down considerably. I have had been informed that “Comodo Firewall Is Not Responding” and my desktop widget disappears sometimes. My security center (control center) always says that the Comodo Firewall reports that it is functional, but it makes me nervous.

Programs seem to take longer to open, but I don’t know if Comodo is to blame.

I have a feeling that CIS slows down your computer at boot. Turn on the computer, it shows the emptiness icon CIS, after a few minutes CIS starts normally.


From time to time there is a slowdown when browsing folders (filled with programs) in Windows Explorer.

I have a folders where I keep programs I downloaded from net sorted until I need them (example in screenshot, these are security programs but same thing happens with rest of programs I keep: media, internet, drivers…). Scan has been made on these programs and all are clean and should be cached but after some time it looks like Comodo clears cache and rescans everything and this causes slowdown, you can see it doing as each icon for program is slowly appearing after program is scanned. Disk usage and CPU usage can get high during this process and it can take from few seconds to almost 30 sec or more on folders with more programs.

CIS installed, rating scan done after install, full scan also done, set in proactive mode. My system is Win7 64bit, i5 2500k CPU, 8 GB RAM, system disk is SSD but these programs are on regular 7200 RPM Hitachi hard disk.

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