Computer slow down and other problems

Hello guys, I installed Comodo Firewall on windows 10( took the installer from the forums ) to give it a try but I’ve had severals problems with it already :

some programs are really long to start, so long that I don’t even know if they work anymore : I was about to take screenshots to show you my settings but the windows screenshot tools wouldn’t open so I pressed ctrl+alt+supp to get to the task manager but nothing. Then 5 min later, I got a blackscreen where I could only operate the mouse because I think it was the screen that opens when you press ctrl+alt+supp but the options didn’t load (like lock the computer, change user, open task manager etc…).

So after that I had to reboot my computer and now I’m writing a thread back again with Comodo uninstalled for the moment.

  1. Is Comodo Firewall fully compatible with windows 10 or is there known issues ?
    I have Bitdefender total security and I would like to pair it with Comodo firewall ( I made sure I disabled all my firewalls when installing Comodo Firewall , but my system is really slow when I use it :
    programs that opens usually instantly are really long or don’t even open ( I can’t tell as I never waited for more than 10 mins ).

  2. Isn’t it because of some conflicts between Bitdefender and Comodo ? I feel like Comodo Firewall doesn’t just acts as a Firewall, to me it does others things which could interfere with my antivirus is that right ? If yes, how can I make thoses 2 programs run together without having that very frustrating slowdown.
    Thanks in advance, I hope you can help me with it as I finds some features in this software really great like the amount of data you send or download and to which IP and ports

3)Right when I rebooted to finish installation I did a rating scan which was OK. I used the default settings that come up with Comodo Firewall : the only things I tweaked were :
-stealth ports : block Incoming Connections
-disabled viruscope ( as I thought it could interfere with my AV)
-Enabled : filter ipv6 traffic, block fragmented ip trafic and protocol analysis
and that’s it, I mainly folowed this guide but didn’t folow all his instructions , just the ones I mentioned above: Gizmo's Best - The best of Gizmo's Freeware

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit : I forgot to tell you my specs but my PC is quite good, I have an i5-3210m , a gtx670m, 8gb ram and a 5400 rpm HDD. I have very little programs running aumatically on startup ( only mouse driver + AV ) and I also disable useless services