computer slow, cmdagent.exe consantly scanning pictures

hi all, first thanks for the forums, appreciate the information

i am not sure if this is the right place, because the CIS suite is somewhat complex and i do not know for a fact what module cmdagent.exe belongs too… if this thread needs to be moved, so be it

my pc has been getting slower and slower since using comodo, and other than being happy with it otherwise, this is getting very annoying so if you can, please help me with a few topics and again, i’m not sure where to put them

system is dual core 4400 amd, 2 gigs ram and windows 7 x64 pro… tons of disk space, the box screams for what i use it for, until comodo wnt on… using resmon.exe to watch resources, i can see cmdagent is just out of control running thru my pictures, for what reason i dont know… i have nearly 30k in jpegs (dont ask) and although i know viruses have tricky ways about them, im not getting why my system is nearly crippled because comodo wont let go of my pictures folder… this seems to slow down every action, cllick and wait is now the norm, its worse than win95 on a 486 some days…

i thiink i have it calm tonight because i put some exclusion in it to ignore my pic folders, but what kind of fix is this, anything crafty enough to lodge itself into the ‘my pictures’ area will get right in now?? this does not seem right, please comment

also, at one point i saw a message about running two firewalls, well windows 7 has its own deal which cant be unset that i can see, and comodo has a/v and defense + which i assume is the firewall… am i running two firewalls? if so, how do i turn one off? i dont surf pr0n sites and am not seeding t0rr3nts so, even though i’m not a risky user, i knoww you can get nailed for no reason of your own

ok, thanks for the read, please help if you can

hey, great forum you got here guys… thanks for all the killer help, i totally have a better system now!!!

Hi whattup_G, I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies yet.

Unfortunately, excluding your .jpg’s from the AV is the only way to keep them from continually being scanned. You could possibly every week or so, remove the exclusion and scan the folder they’re in if you’re concerned about possible infections getting lodged in there. Not ideal I know, but there is no other way around it.

Yes, CIS has a firewall built in, so if you haven’t disabled the Windows firewall, you are running two software firewalls which isn’t recommended. I don’t run Windows 7, but this page should help. Turn Windows Firewall on or off

It could be your indexer running that triggers CIS to scan.