Computer Shutdown Problems [Merged Threads]

I upgraded to 3.0 yesterday and immediately had performance problems. The most annoying problem was the inability to shut down or restart my laptop with Comodo running. I had to Exit the systray icon to allow the shutdown to proceed. After some experimenting, I found that shutdowns worked OK with Guardian disabled.

Startup also seemed a bit slower than normal, but I didn’t do a lot of testing.

Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice all seemed to work properly.

This is my main system right now, so I reloaded 2.4. I will try 3.0 again when it is more stable.

System: Acer Aspire laptop, Win XP SP2, Norton AV 2008.


I had the same problem as well. Shutdown was interminably long… and I had to opt for the high-risk hard reboot the computer several times.

In addition, the way Defense+ checks every program that is opened (not only on the first try, even though I checked the option to remember my choice of allowing each of the applications) slows down and even hangs the programs. Word 2003 and Outlook 2007 have hung on me several times and this was right after I installed V3.

Please release a patch to fix the bugs soon!.. (:SAD)

After I installed CFP 3, can’t turn off my computer.
The message is showed “You don’t have permission to turn off the computer.”
While I want to open the office files, which is like .doc .xls …,
I still can’t open these files.
Everything was happened while I close CFP3 application.
Can anyone answer or meet such as problem?
Thanks .

I had the same problem the other night. Although I don’t know what caused it, I rebooted windows into Safe Mode, did a System Restore to my last restore point, and everything was fine.

If you are using Windows, hopefully you have a current restore point, and this may help.

If you haven’t already shut down, you can so so through the Task Manager (Ctr-Alt-Del) and select Shut Down.

Hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE to start task manager. You should be able to use the SHUTDOWN option there to shut down your computer and reboot into safe mode.

You’ll have to do the restore point process described by MLReynolds above to fix the problem. Restoring to the last restore point saved prior to the day you began to have this issue will probably take care of it.

My advice would be to uninstall version 3, and install version 2.4 until Comodo works the bugs out of the new firewall.

I’m using Windows XP, so the following is for that OS. If you are using Windows Vista, the procedure may be different. Before doing anything, create a restore point in Windows. If you don’t already have it, download Ccleaner from Also, go to the Comodo download website and get CFP v2.4 (it’s still available). Do not install until CFP v3 has been removed from your system.

After uninstalling v3 and rebooting, go into Windows Explorer (not IE), and look in the Program Files directory (off of the root directory) for the Comodo subdirectory, and delete it.
Next, go to your Documents and Settings directory, and look for any sub directories named Comodo. They will be in both of the following (your drive letter may be different):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data and
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data (substitute your name, i.e. Joe Bloggs for Username
Delete both Comodo sub directories.
Install Ccleaner and open the program.
Click on the Run Cleaner button at the bottom right of the screen and let it do its thing. When it has finished, it will display a list of the files removed.
Next, click on the Registry tab at the top left of the screen, then the Scan for Issues button at the bottom of the screen. When it has finished, it will display a list of registry entries which it feels should be deleted (there will probably be a lot). If you like, check the list, and deselect anything you don’t feel good about deleting.
Click on the Fix selected issues… button at the bottom of the screen. You will get a pop-up window asking if you want to backup any changes made to the registry. Answer YES, so that you can undo the registry cleaning if anything goes wrong. You’ll get another pop-up window… This time, click the Fix All Selected Issues button, then OK on the next pop-up window.
Repeat the registry scan again, because you may find more CFP v3 leftovers. Close Ccleaner.

Make sure that Windows firewall isn’t running. You can now install CFP v2.4.19.184 with no problems. After you install it and do a reboot, do an update (right click the Comodo tray icon, click Open…, click Updater tab at the top, and do the update to v2.4.19.185. It will ask you afterwards if you want to update to v3. Unless you want to go through all of this again, DON’T!


After instaling version 3 my system shuts down very long. It takes about 3 minutes. When I click Start and shut down nothig happens for abbout 3 minutes and then the system shuts down. What is wrong?