Computer Security at Internet Cafes around the world

My daughter is on her way to around the world stopping in several countries.

Because of slow Interent access on the ship she is on, she said that she will probably connect more often when they dock at each port.

I would appreciate any simple advice you and other readers here could leave me to pass on.
Had hoped that Trust Connect might have worked, but it looks as if it needs to be installed.
The simpler way of explaining it to her the better!

Here is what I posted to her:

Since you will be using public computers on the ship, and anyone could install a key logger either deliberately or download it unintentionally, here are a couple things to do, If you can always delete temp files. Turn the computer off then back on.

Before signing into anything install false letters and numbers caps or not and then delete them.  Do this randomly every time you log in especially when it involves sending to someone Else's email or especially anything to do with financial accounts !  For both name and passwords and account numbers.  Never click on a link to a site but go directly to the site by typing it in.

Key loggers can retrieve what you typed and then pose as you and steal information and money.
By randomly typing in 2 random digits after the 2nd or Th or Th etc continue typing before hitting the enter key, then go back and delete those extra keys for you name and password or account number. Take a sheet of paper along to mark where the extra characters are that you need to delete, and change them each time. It may get tedious but it will be a lot safer.

Check with who ever is in charge and see what they say. But stay cautious

Again Thank You for any suggestions


Well there is something called ZoneAlarm Forcefield. It created an area where zone alarm is complete control, and anything the browser downloads be it legit files, or malware will be placed in the bubble. When your done you can clear the bubble to get rid of the malware. There is a mode called Private browser, which was designed for these types of cafes.

When private browser is enabled, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is saved onto the computer.

So if she gets a chance install this: ZoneAlarm by Check Point

After she installs it, she will notice a little blue circle icon at the task bar. She should right click it and hit ‘open private browser’ anything she types in, any private information will NOT be on the computer, and after she closes the browser, forcefield will automatically delete everything done.

If she CANT get it installed, then she should clear .tmp files, she should go into IE (most likely going to be internet explorer) internet settings and clear the cache, history, and cookies.

Or avoid going into sensitive areas completly. Just check email. Then when she gets home she changes her password.

As far as I understand it ForceField is much like Sandboxie (A free program)

Your daughter’s best bet is to connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Currently Comodo Trust Connect (At the moment free) works for me when I’m out and about.

If she uses Firefox, she could also/instead run the key scrambler add-on.