Computer problems since installing CIS 2013

After renewing my subscription and downloading the 2013 edition suddenly my computer doesn’t recognize when my digital camera and card reader are plugged into the USB so now I can’t upload photos from my camera or card reader. I was also getting messages pop up that my license was only good for one more day so I emailed Comodo and two days later someone finally replies back that I did not install the correct 2013 software. So I click on the link they gave me in email to download the right product which turns out to be the same 2013 product I was already running. Which leads to the new problem…

After downloading 2013 edition for 2nd time now when I turn my computer on it takes over 5 minutes for it to boot up and my computer was fast prior to this whole incident. Now my entire computing experience is ruined by this blasted software and I can no longer upload pictures. I am really angry about this and need someone to help me fix it. I have Windows XP btw. Thanks!

It is a known problem with 6.1 and XP. Comodo said they fixed it we’re hoping for an update soon. Fingers crossed…

Does anyone know why Comodo makes the computer take so long to boot? Is it scanning the harddrive before allowing the desktop to come up? I don’t understand this new 2013 software and I don’t know if I downloaded the wrong edition but it doesn’t even have a section to allow to change any settings.

Can anyone help me to make my computer recognize that my camera and card reader are plugged in? This wasn’t a problem until I downloaded the new Comodo. :-[

When running XP either go back to 6.0 or wait until Friday to see if there is an update fixing it.

How did you update from 5.1x to 6.x? Did you import your old 5.1x configuration in 6.x?

Have you unchecked “do not scan at start up”…?

I can’t even find a place on the new program to make selections like that. Please tell me where it is??

With a little help of the online help: Real Time Scanning Software – Virus Protection | Internet Security v6.3 |COMODO .