Computer problems - Memory and bootup

Greetings all,

I got two problems. And yes, I’ve checked on google.Let’s start with the first one.

I play a game that uses nProtect GameGuard, but before game start, or when I close game, GameGuard crash.
Copied, direct from my event log it says:

Program-popup: GameMon.des - Programfel : Instruktionen på "0x100026e6" refererade till minnet på "0x100026e6". Det gick inte att utföra en minnesåtgärd. Följande fel returnerades: The memory could not be "read".

Klicka på OK om du vill avsluta programmet.
Klicka på Avbryt om du vill felsöka programmet.

Mer information finns i Hjälp- och supportcenter på sidan

It appears that something went wrong with ‘GameMon.des’ in my RAM, right? I can translate if needed.

Second one is, I use PerfectDisk, but when I use its boot-time defrag, it says something about autochk. I got that file both in dll cache and system32 folder. I found something on Microsoft site about doing something in registry, in BootExecute something, but problem is, that key doesn’t exist. Also says something about a windows update I should delete, but it’s not installed on my system…

I run Windows XP PRO, all latest updates from Windows Update.
2.1Ghz, 768(785,904 kB)MB RAM, 256MB + 512MB
10/10 Mbit/s Ethernet LAN Broadband
Programs running are:
Avast! Home 4.7
CPF 2.4
BOClean 2.24
SnoopFree 1.0.7
CMG 1.0 Beta

All help is appreciated. Tell me if you need some more information, like running processes or something.


Has it always done this, or just recently started? If recent, can you tie to the introduction of new software or hardware, drivers, etc? (for example, CMG only recently came out, and is a beta… could there be a correlation there?)


To answer your questions.
GameGuard have always crashed, but as it usually was after I closed the game, it didn’t bother me too much.
And about the autochk-thing, I think it’ve been like that for around 2 months.


Have you checked with the makers of GameGuard about its apparent instability (at least on your system)?

Is there a newer version that may be better?

Have you tried a fresh install of it, maybe even in SafeMode?


No I haven’t, but I’ll send them a mail about it.

Nope, it’s the latest, AFAIK.
It’s included in the game, so they update it when necessary.

I always install softwares in safe mode, so they most likely won’t cause any problems.


GameGuard is more like an internal plugin to most online games today.
So it gets auto update whenever the game(s) gets started.
It get it’s own patches and updates when we launch the corresponding online games, and do every configuration it needs automatically.
Its main purpose, is to stop every known keylogger, nor trojan found active on memory to compromise the game’s security system; like login detauls. etc.

Most of the time, uninstall & completely re-installing the game will cure this problem.
…because Gameguard and the game it guarded are not part of the system whatsoever.

…though this step will require the gamers to re-patching the game, which is not a very popular move among them…