Computer more secure without Comodo ???

Hi, i’ve already post in the french section but i realized that i could try in english when I thought that answers would be quicker even if my english isn’t wonderful :slight_smile:
I’ve been using look and stop for a long time but after reading some reviews i decided to test Comodo. So I installed it,and being behind a router even by stopping the internal firewall and configuring a DMZ, I wanted to be sure that Comodo was the front line with the web and not filtered by the router. So I took an old modem without any firewall and test my security on Shields up. But since that i can’t understand anything. I do the test without comodo and my security is excellent, no ports open. And when i switch on Comodo the port 1032 is closed (not open but also not stealth). Do you have an explanation?


Ports 1030-1032 are reserved for BBN/IAD and it seems to be a UDP local loopback response of some sort. There’s nmot a lot of info out there on these ports and their reserved use, but there are also a handful of mentions about trojans using this, as well.

Google BBN IAD. You’ll see what I mean. Can you install Wireshark and see if there is actual outbound data access (is stuff actually leaving your PC through this port) or whether it is purely internal traffic/chatter?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand this log. He is used to log every packet IN and OUt ? How can i filter with my port?

Export the report to text and use a text editor to filter on the port number. There are also IP dump analysis apps, but a text editor works.