Computer monitoring software.


Let me just start by saying NO I do not mean things like keyloggers etc.

What I am looking for is some sort of software that monitors the whole system and “logs” everything like creating files, renaming files and all of the such, and this is supposed to be updated in real time.
Extra plus if it shows that this and that program tried to reach this and that IP etc.

Why? I’m sort of a minor control freak so I always like to be in control and if that isn’t possible I’d at least want to know what is going on. ^-^‘’

So I did some searching on google and came back empty handed, all I could find was keyloggers and such which I am not interested in. I know that someone linked a similar program somewhere in this huge forum but I can’t find it, but that doesn’t matter since that program didn’t really work for me and even if it did then I don’t think it showed all the things I’m interested in.

My idea was to plug in another screen and have it dedicated for system monitoring etc where this program would be up and running whenever my computer was on and would update in real time.

So does anyone know of such a product? If there isn’t anything for free then you can still link for products that cost money since depending on whether I think it is worth the price or not, I might buy it (If there is any and no free ones).

If there are none of these products then I think Comodo should make it, perhaps include it in CIS? =)

TL;DR: Computer monitoring software that updates in real time and reports things like files created, files changed, files renamed, this and that software did this and that, this and that software tried to contact this IP… etc.

Thank you,
Sanya IV a.k.a Your friendly neighborhood kitty~

SanyaIV wrote

:BNC If there are none of these products then I think Comodo should make it, perhaps include it in CIS? =)

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Melih got a new task ;D and because will have the proud name , Comodo , will be FREE ;D

good luck Melih. :-TU

See this SanyaIV

DiskPulse - DiskPulse - Disk Change Monitor - DiskPulse GUI Screenshots

The freeware version might meet your needs ?

Also DiskBoss has DiskPulse real-time disk change monitor built into the ultimate version but it’s not cheap.

Also - Windows Explorer Tracker

Thank you sAyer, I will check them out. =)

Edit: I looked at the three programs you linked to but there is one huge thing that is missing, they don’t mention what programs made the changes. =/
Otherwise they seem to be good programs for disc monitoring.

Some of the key features excluding the one I mentioned above is: Monitoring what files applications are trying to access (read and/or write) and what IP addresses applications are trying to connect to.

Think like… Defense+ (HIPS) and Firewall but they make updates in real-time about everything going on in your system and this is done in a window, listing everything.

As far as I know nothing exists with all the features that you mentioned. Maybe if you used DiskPulse, Process Hacker, ProcessMonitor, and Resmon at the same time ?

Good Luck


Edit: While using ProcessMonitor I realized that there is a lot of things going on and even thinking to keep up with them in realtime is madness. There are a handful of applications constantly reading and writing to the registry and dragon_updater is constantly writing files and connecting to the comodo server, cmdagent is doing some registry stuff including something with “RemoteManager” or “RemoteManagement” or something like that, but the key isn’t found…
Anyway since I didn’t realize that it was going to be so much data I think I can say that this was a very bad idea… =S Thank you sAyer for the help but like I said, I have now realized that it is foolish to think that you can be in control of what happens on your computer, or even aware!

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