Computer learning

Can you tell me in which site can I learn about computer hardware, windows xp,and computer security for free (:LGH)

You’re already here, welcome! :slight_smile:


Are their any sites from where we can learn about computer hardware software and about windows xp free

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There are many website Jowin. Here you can learn about computer security. On the MSFN forums you can learn about Windows XP:


Use Google :wink:

Haven’t checked it out myself…

I can’t understand how can I learn with Youtube :THNK

If you like to see things in action like someone’s suggestion: how to replace your computer power supply :-TU ;D

I found this nice site for learning about windows, microsoft office, C++ etc :BNC

Thanks for the link jowin!

Very informative at first glance.

Your most welcome (:LGH)