Computer keeps re-booting

Hi. I installed Comodo Anti-Virus - Comodo Anti-Virus beta 2.0 - today and my computer hasn’t been able to work since. Basically, when it rebooted after installation it came on for c. 30 seconds then rebooted again. And again. And again. I can’t access Windows for more than 30 seconds now before my computer re-boots.
Of course, this makes it impossible to uninstall - I just get started on it and the computer reboots. I tried using the config file to stop CAVS from starting at start-up but that doesn’t work (probably a security feature, to prevent a virus from stopping the prog.) I tried startin in Safe Mode but it gets to the log on screen and hangs - whether this is caused by CAVS or not I don’t know (it’s been a while since I used Safe Mode, I’ve not needed to for ages.) Anyway, I’m not so sure this would stop it. Also, when I start it, it says that the boot.ini file isn’t useable and so boots from C:\Winnt instead - I don’t think it used to do that before.
So, I’m at a loss as to what to do here, bar a complete re-install. Anyone have any ideas?
I’m using Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 on a dual boot machine (the other OS - Linux Fedora 2 - works fine, I’m on it now.) I have no other security stuff installed bar Comodo Firewall 2.4 (the last one that would work with W2K.) I have 512 MB memory and an 800 MHz processor.
So can anyone help?

Did you try right click on the shield in the task bar and then click exit comodo anti-virus

No, I didn’t, the shield wasn’t visible in the 30 seconds before it re-booted…
I’ve sort of solved it - I can edit the Windows partition from Linux and using stuff from a similar problem posted earlier I managed to disable the AV prog. This stopped the reboots (something I wasn’t sure would be true) and allowed me to uninstall it. This leaves me without an AV prog, however. I’m a bit chary of re-installing CAVS, especially as I don’t know why it did this. Any suggestions as to other progs? Or does anyone have any ideas about how to fix CAVS?

I had a similar problem, though not as scary as yours. My PC would reboot less often, and was per time but per activity, but it was definitely tied in with CAVS Beta

I also had very sluggish opening of all programmes.

I g=had another AV programme installed: AVG AV. I closed it down before installing CAV. However I only managed to stop the crashibg by actually uninstalling AVG AV before installing/running CAV 2.0.

I now do not have slowdown, and so far (30 minutes) no crashes.

Something to try if you are willing to go back through Linux if it does not work.

However, follow