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every time I play a computer game, watch a video or do certain things online my computer shuts down what is going on and how do i fix it

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This sounds to me like your computer may be overheating, or possibly the hard-drive is failing. Can you please specify under what conditions your computer shuts down?

Have you also had any blue screens?

My wife has just updated her Toshiba Tecra M5 it had crashed but has lost all of her network drivers.When we search for those relevant to the model (PTM 51A)we come back with a big fat zero.Any ideas other than trashing it.I reckon its now an obsolete model?

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I found both the LAN & wireless drivers here [] for that Laptop (XP/W2k). It’s the UK based support site, but the drivers indicate that they are world wide and you can probably find similar Toshiba support site for your geographical location anyway.

I hope that helps.

All wifi etc are reconnected but still no internet on laptop - in device manager it shows no ethernet controller-would this be the problem?? ???

No ethernet adapter means you cannot make a wired connection. I assume the wireless adapter is working?

Sorry, I missed this reply.

I’m not sure about the Ethernet controller… as I’m not totally sure what this is. But, I did noticed when I looked at Toshiba’s support site that the Wireless LAN seemed to be part of the Intel Mobile CPU itself. So, if you haven’t already done so, it might be a good idea to update/reload the laptop’s chipset drivers (the Chip Set Utility Toshiba seems to call it). This is for the laptop’s motherboard and all the devices on it… and since the WLAN device is an integrated one, this might be a possible cause.

This may be of help . . .

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I had the same problem with an old Compaq laptop and it did the trick. Even if it does not contain the specific driver for your model it should locate a generic driver that will work.

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