Computer hangs on shutdown

This is a minor problem I know, but it is annoying none the less. I’ve found that since I’ve installed Comodo that my computer will hang on the ‘Windows is shutting down’ screen for an extra 20-30 seconds. While this isn’t in anyway serious I find it annoying as it didn’t do it before.
Has anyone else encountered this and is there a reason and/or fix for it?

I have already tried using UPHclean and checking the event logs, but they offer no improvement or answer to the problem.

As a test, have you tried manually exiting CFP and then shut down? I wonder if it may also be some kind of conflict with other software. That’s all I can think of.

Yes, I have tried that already, it is what gave me the comparison times. With CPF manually turned off or uninstalled the shutdown time is much quicker, almost half then with CPF at a guess. I know that this is a rather inconsequential problem but it still annoys me none the less.

HI Mr.Eff. Well, with some firewalls, they go through and check\close connections , waits for other applications to shut down and then let windows do it’s thing finally. I am almost certain this is the issue and is done for safety reasons. I believe a firewall is the first up last down. At least it always has been on my computers and the way we learned back in the day. I can do some checking on it for you but this would be my opinion. So if you still want more info, please post back and i’ll ask someone else about this or they will chime in.