Computer Hacked And Monitored

Despite installing Comodo and ASquared and also having at my disposal should I need them other programs such as SpySweeper, Double Anti Spy, Anti Malware Bytes etc. plus purchasing a set of Sony factory recovery discs there is no doubt a hacker-a criminal known to me-is deliberately hacking and attempting to control the computer. Extra safeguards have been used for weeks and this problem continues-proof it continues is the fact I was told the mouse freezing is a sign of high CPU usage if not deliberate tampering. When I opened the log section to try to figure out how to view CPU usage, teh mouse froze again-it’s only because I have an extra mouse from when this piece of rat dung did this to an earlier computer that allows me to continue to use it. The mouse freezing isn’t constant and goes away at some point then happens again-I blocked some changes the firewall told me about from Synaptics not knowing if they were hacker related or not but they certainly seem to be if the computer freezes when attempting to monitor critical tasks-which tells me he’s probably monitoring every single thing I do.

While the first reinstall with factory created discs was smooth and the Comodo scan turned up only one problem item late in the scan on the second reinstall the same problem item that appears before each of the other problem reinstalls with a specific numbered piece of malware that shows up just before 25,000 items have been scanned returned. This makes no sense as all data was wiped clean and obviously there’s no way I know of for a hacker to infect factory created recovery discs.

There is a possibility the hacker is using very sophisticated and very illegal methods to do all of this.

DVD’s from a factory can not be written. That you will have to believe before I will continue to help you in this topic. Is that a yes or a no?

You now have the Sony OS disc and drivers, well it’s surely a simple case of DBAM-Boot and Nuke? and Fresh OS and driver install? Job done… and if you are on a static I.P (can one not ring ISP and explain and ask for new I.P) or dynamic? Either way, after all of that you should ever be bothered by this “Mastermind Hacker Of The World”

Hi Guys,

Sure both of you (EricJH & AyeAyeCaptain ) are right.

My opinion - please do not spend a single minute of your valuable time on that.

First, I can tell you – there is no hacker there whatsoever.
My statement without any arguments has more proof and it’s more TRUE than anything that have been posted already regarding the matter.

That was not enough for the Original Poster to get the best possible
advice given by panic

…that is IF (doubtfully) there IS a “mysterious hacker”

Instead, we have another annoying thread and that is again doesn’t make any sense.
Actually is double posting regarding the same matter allowed in this respectful forum ???

No information was provided neither here nor in the previous thread

Is there any chance that you can supply (attach ; copy/paste) some details about what actually you’ve blocked so we can see “something” … anything…


  • Have you attempted to post somewhere the reports about any flaggings by any security you tried?

  • Were you asked by the professional to give all needed information about your system, so it can be observed and analyzed in order to find out what is running there?

  • Have you ever investigated and tested your hardware / devices conflicts /drivers being up to date / is your BIOS up to date ??? … and so on

You see, freezing / not working mouse/ files wiped out – that could be just a hardware failures.
The described symptoms of the system’s misbehaviour can be easily mistaken with malware being present
On the other hand the malware can mimic hardware failures.

That should be investigate in the first place

You even did not stated properly the method /procedure that was carried for reinstalling the system. There are many ways to do that.
If yo have a malware – the installation over the existing system – will not help.
If you have a “special” rootkit (not a hacker) you may face difficulties even to reformat.

All that should be checked properly in the first place.

Otherwise – you are not helping yourself and you are wasting you time and the time of those who are willing to assist you.

My regards

p.s. please ask and we can advise the sites to visit in order to investigate the situation with the problems you are facing. At the same please keep in mind that none of the experts will accept long stories as you are writing (only very brief descriptions). Basically you will follow strict instructions and provide required reports and log files.

But if you are not considering neither advice given by panic nor willing to check your system then I may say - most likely that is an Automatic Fairy-tales Generator is working there, but not a hacker

In response to the post above, on his last post, one of my replies after a lot of muddled essays was “jackanory”. I still stand by this, and just wanted to be kind, truth be told I think it’s a load of waffle with no substance that is been posted. But still, all the same, I believe we all have a little duty to try our best to help regardless.

As you never know?! 88)


Indeed. I will not argue with this statement and that is laudable.

But that what actually was done by panic. His suggestion was from the perspective : “There is a hacker”
Instead of some sort of response – here we go with another flood words.

Then Eric and you responded
I added some, looking at the problem from another angle: “There could be other possibilities of misbehaviour… and a lot can be done in order to look at the problem”. But in any case – the information needed about the system

All of the above can be considered as an attempts to help.


I don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about. I haven’t checked this website for weeks and in fact the only reason I did now was that Tamar told me someone here said I was full of ■■■■.

I don’t exactly see that but I do see that you have doubts as to whether I’m telling the truth or not-I don’t have any reason to make this stuff up. And I sure don’t see how malware can live through a complete system wipe nor install itself on factory created recovery discs. Whatever this guy is doing or may be doing is beyond my level of expertise in addition to which is true of some of the suggestions offered as well.

Apparently the threats have been stepped up against Tamar while threats against myself have waned. I don’t know what this means-I do know that once again logging in here was near impossible. Also it’s quite possible that tomorrow may see threats against me increase, while hers increase, stay the same or decrease. I have no idea what goes on in the thought and action process of a psychotic criminal. For all I know another physical attack against me is something this guy is planning-he already did it once and he likely knows where I live if he’s been reading E-Mails and such.

The only real defense I have against this ■■■■ is to completely reformat every few days or few weeks as needed when suggested defense settings fail-and they have-before one reinstall there clearly was hacker activity because I wasn’t able to get into the services.msc menu by typing in run-the ability to do so had been disabled.

I also find it bizarre I don’t get E-Mails that someone has replied-which I’m sure I set up that way and it’s one of the reasons I haven’t looked here for weeks.

Oh dear, oh dear…please can someone put this to sleep because is…

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[speaking aside] How long will this survive here 8)

Clueless, dear guest, you’d better watch your speech. It’s a bad beginning being rude from the threshold.

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+1 … I’ve seen one like that posting this kind of stuff during months on another forum. This is laughable. The degree of confusion in the details that are given to describe the “hacking” tells everything ;D

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