Computer getting slow after a while of uptime

I got recommended to start a topic here by the Comodo support (?!) who couldn’t solve this problem.

After a while of uptime (usually a week) my computer starts to get slow, and laggy. I mostly notice it on the sound getting hick ups.

If i uninstall Comodo i do not have this problem.

I have done the following:

There’s no process using all the CPU
According to Comodo support my computer specs are enough
I have downloaded and tried 5.0.162636.1135
I have reinstalled my computer twice, i had this problem on Vista and now on Win 7
I have changed harddrive and graphic card (for other reasons)
I have the latest drivers.

Since Comodo is the best software out there i would like to use it so, anyone has any ideas?

just to ask, what is so terrible to restart a pc once a week (at least)?

Well it’s not terrible, but if you have a lot of stuff open it takes unnecessary time.

And last windows installation i had it got worse and worse, down to that the computer was not usable after a day.

and with another firewall this is not happening? (which firewall?).

you can add the opened things to “start up”, so they will come up after reboot.

i had not wondered if my pc would become slow after a week. windows is not perfect, and processes trash and wrong process effects add themself to more wrong effects after a while.

linux users often say: “to solve a problem in windows, make a reboot.” its often true :wink: … but for linux its the same :smiley:

I think the problem lies there, with out Comodo installed it works fine.

Well well, i guess i need to reboot every now and then…

its strange that only installed comodo is causing this.

i must admit, my pc never ran one week in a row :smiley: . for me its normal to reboot sometimes.

seldom reboot is not that bad at all. so you can use this good firewall.

And the problem got worse.

After about two days I had

-flickering screens,
-crashes like;msg506205#msg506205,
-eventvwr flooded with PerfDisk, “Unable to read performance data for the Disk performance counters.”
-eventvwr errors like srv, “The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty.”
volsnap, “The shadow copy of volume C: could not be created due to a failure in creating the necessary on disk structures.”
volsnap, “The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because of a failed free space computation.”
and firefox crashes.

Solution was to uninstall CIS…

What is wrong?

On a side note. Do you have Comodo Time Machine or similar program installed?

If something is slowing down your computer, look for excessive “Page faults”
Reboot …(( or not, if it’s toooo painfull. … ;D ))

Open Task Manager
Click Processes
Tick the box that says “show processes for all users”
Click View
Click Select Columns
Select Page Faults
Click OK

Use the machine like normal and look for a HUGE increases in the page
faults for 1 of the processes.
When I say HUGE, I mean something like 10,000,000 page faults.

For example, on my machine…
Widows Media Center is up around 700,000.
Firefox is showing 500,000.
and cmdagent is showing 800,000 page faults and my system
is fine.

This worked for me.

I’ve had Acronis True Image installed recently, though it’s uninstalled now.

I found the problem, it was CIS :slight_smile:

Is 10,000,000 really huge?
I have five processes over that and i can’t say that my computer is slow or acting strange when CIS is uninstalled.

what AV do you use?

I used CIS so complete with AV.

I also use MBAM

Actually, what slows down your computer are “hard faults”…sorry, I forgot about that.
You can check out the hard faults by opening the task manager,
clicking on “Performance”
and then clicking “Resource monitor”
and then selecting “Memory”

On my machine, CIS is showing “0” hard faults (along with every other process)
So if CIS is causing a lot of hard faults on your machine, it would imply that there is a conflict
with something running on your system.
Is MalwareBytes scanning in real time or only on demand?
I have MalwareBytes, but it’s only on demand.

When I run a scan with Comodo Cleaning Essentials (or any other AV scanner other than CIS)
there are always Hard Faults which sometimes causes my 5 year old PC to lag slightly.

More info…

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s in real time.

I guess i have to install CIS again too see if i get any hard faults. mbamservice.exe has from 0 to 2 now.
But I would really like;msg506205#msg506205 to be solved first because that’s causing problems.

could you show us your d+ logs? Is MBAM the free version or pro?

I’m posting some screenshots to show how two different on-demand scanners interact with CIS.

When I run an on-demand scan with MBAM, the PF Deltas for cmdagent
skyrocket and the Hard Faults go from zero to 137, which isn’t enough to
cause any lagging on my machine,but still shows you how they interact
with each other.
Your mix of programs might result if more/less extreme Hard Faults.

SuperAntiSpyware doesn’t seem to rock the boat as much as MBAM.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Where do i find the d+ logs?


You say you are waiting for the Avast “bug” to be dealt with…why?..are you running Avast as well?

When I first started using CIS (last summer) I was unsure of the AV, so I was using
Avast for the first couple months. But after awhile I just decided that I was being
overly cautious, and switched to the full CIS when version 5.3 was released.

It’s not risky to only use CIS.
The real risk is having 2 AVs running and having them conflict.

Just my opinion.

No, its a bug reported by Avast. The bug is in CIS.

CIS → d+ → view d+ events