Computer Game Crysis won't start


Crysis won’t start unless I DISABLE Defense+ in Comodo v3.0.25.378. As the game loads for start-up I get a black screen, no logo, then back to desktop.

My other games all worked fine.

For Crysis, I added all Crysis folders to My Own Safe Files, I added Crytek to my Trusted Vendors. I tried running in in training mode, installation mode without luck.

Still I get lots of errors in the View DEFENSE+ EVENTS coming from crysis.exe.

The first EVENT that is stopping the game from loading is reading like this:
…\crysis.exe Install hook …\Windows\system32\Dinput8.dll.

So I get this trying to run a Single player game. I will deal with Multyplayer later.

Can you give me a hint on how I can get Comodo to trust Crysis?



I play Crysis works fine. Read here. You need to read the sticky’s under important topics. Look at my post and what I sent you. Trusted vendors and safe files has nothing to do with it. I dont even use those.

Multiplayer games use Punkbusters. DO you have Punkbusters A & B trusted in the firewall and D+?

This is the trick that worked for me. Training mode didn’t work for me. I put Crysis in Trust Appl in Defense+ and it is now working.

Quote:“Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and make all games trusted. Then go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and make all games there trusted.”

Thanks for leading me to the solution.

Your welcome. I actually manually add all my programs to Comodo. Works better and no alerts.