Computer freezing when scanning with rootkit scanning enabled.

I have upgraded to version 5.3.175888.1227 using the in built Comodo installer. When manual or scheduled scanning with the enable rootkit scanner enabled, my computer freezes completely, after less than a minute with the scanner status being This requires a restart.

I believe this would be a bug;

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Hello Jake, I’m sorry I’m no expert on this, this is something I just spotted and wondered if anyone else had the same problem. Do you get the same problem if you scan with the rootkit scanner enabled, if so could you not report this as a bug as per the necessary requirements. Thanks for your help, but this is as far as my expertise allows. As for a screenshot, that is not possible as my computer freezes.

I do not have this issue;

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Hello Jake, apologies I have just tried to do a scan with the rootkit scanner enabled to see if I could get a screenshot. The scanning froze at the same time but did not freeze my computer, although my CPU remained at 100%. when I tried to do a screen shot I could not save because I had the show on top enabled on the scanner and that had froze. When I closed Paint, I noticed that the scanning had started again. I tried again and the scanning again froze for approx 2 minutes and then starts again. Again I apologise as I’m no expert on computers, and sometimes rush into conclusions too quickly. I shall however try and get a screenshot.

That is ok; no worries; you may skip the screenshot and just fill out the form (If you cannot do a task then just skip :slight_smile: don’t have to do anything to advanced like the dump file: isn’t really neccesary;

Hope this helps


Hello Jake, I have just sent a bug report in the format required, hope it suffices.

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Thank you